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Jadis Defy 7 Mk 2 Can el-34s be used?
Did you have a chance to speak with the Kat's over at the "TubeMonger" for the mix? Remember, the Valvos, and the Tesla's sound best for the Defy MKII. Lot's of air, and texture. Cheers  
When is unequal, equal?
Sweet, then the question is moot. I can in fact run different lengths without loss of information. Thanks 
When is unequal, equal?
thanks to all for the suggestions...All of the above options mentioned have already been explored. The only way the system can be laid out requires the question I have posed. "WAF" won't allow for the placement of amps out in the room, next too th... 
When is unequal, equal?
Correction! speaker #2 is at 14 feet away, not inches...sorry for the confusion 
Tube Amp Recommendations
James, understood. Again the best way to get the information your seeking is to contact Bobby @ Merlin. Afterall, he designed these bad boyz so who would know better of what will, or will not work. Just a thought...I know this will save you a lot ... 
Tube Amp Recommendations
When I owned my VSM-MX's, I almost went with the Berning ZH-270 myself, very hard to beat considering it's price point, and performance. I choose instead to go a different direction... Perhaps, in retrospect not the best move after all. Keep it si... 
What is the best sounding HDCD?
Herve1, I agree. Hammond's disc is for me, the best sounding of this type of recording... 
What is the best mod for a Sony SCD-1
That's simple, take a look at the following review..."Tube Research Labs" MOD is one of the best, most affordable, and effective approaches you can get.  
Zanden 300B's and cables?
great, have you tried these with Zanden's? if so what's the sound? warm, detailed, etc... 
The Kinks "Muswell Hillbillies"
I concur, Muswell is very well done. Perhaps one of the best SACD's out there...along with Showbiz! 
SF Guarniere and SET?
@ 88 db's these need some juice to drive them! I'm not aware of a SET that will or at least drive them to a level that's loud enough for my ears...The room size is also a factor. What is the current power you are using? or is the question one of y... 
Muddy Waters Tribute
Folk Singer sez it all... Muddy is to the Blues, what the Beatles were to pop. He opened the BIG door for all to see. Thanks for the heads up on the HD I was not aware of it. But, I gots the times today to goes shopin, and gets me one.Cheers 
CAT JL-2 Mk2 vs LAMM M1.2 ... on WP 6 or 7
Call, Ken Stevens @ CAT & Get prepared for a LONG conversation... 
CAT JL-2 Mk2 vs LAMM M1.2 ... on WP 6 or 7
Well, then it's settled...The 7's, with Transparent Audio Cables. The rest is subjective, as you can see a lot of great options are out their. The reference to the 5.1 sound of being steril with the Halcro's? perhaps...I never cared for the 5's, f... 
CAT JL-2 Mk2 vs LAMM M1.2 ... on WP 6 or 7
WOW, tuff choice...Both, are very good in there own right. I also concur with Essentiaalaudio assessment of the JL3's you can't go wrong. A good friend of mine uses the CAT's with his Merlin VSM-MX's and the results are nothing less than spectacul...