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Hooking DishNetwork receiver to amp=speaker noise?
Likely a ground loop as stated by Kdbrink above. There are several solutions, but the easiest is the addition of a ground loop isolation box (like the Mondial Magic). They run about $80. Happy Listening. 
The Physics of Electricity
Exactly what I was trying to convey. Differences in naterials, insulation, conductor size and composition, and manufacturing result in measureable differences in impedence and capacitance. These differences will alter the sound from dark to bright... 
The Physics of Electricity
Nearly everyone would like to think he or she has made the best choices, if not, certainly the most cost effective ones. The more one pays for something, the higher its perceived value. Better cables should have shielding from RFI. This likely cos... 
Back to tubes?
I think that you should also strongly consider the Atma-Sphere MP-1 or MP-3 as well. Check these out on 
Advice for first pair of Maggies
Maggies sound great (fast, immediate, transparent, good imaging) and bass improves as the size increases. I own a pair of MMG's which I use in my wife's office/study area. She loves them, listening to music at low to moderate levels during the day... 
Amp for Vandersteens 2ce sig 2's
I don't agree with Marakanetz. The Vande 2ce is an excellant speaker that will mate well with almost any decently powered amplifier (depending on how loud you plan to play them, and how large the room is that you are trying to fill). I do not own ... 
Any high WAF speaker with ATC sound?
IMHO. . .if WAF is what you want, think Core Audio design rack system with matching wood rails in a pair of Martin Logans, and you would score a rather high WAF. Happy Listening, 
Blind Person Needs a New FM Receiver
Audionote? CD/FMtuner/records to usb sticks/ pushbuttons, and remote/ also headphone out. Happy Listening, 
need help withTube and solid state together
Basically the tube amp running the mid/tweeters will be outputing a current that differs from the current supplied by the transistor amp suppling the woofers. In this fashion, the woofer and mid/tweeter levels will not match. If your transistor am... 
Preamp with tone control.
I second Rrogs recommendation for the Dyna PAS 3x. Get it retubed, recapped, and cleaned. You should be satisfied with the results Happy Listening, 
I use KT 90's because they came with my unit, along with a spare new set of them. They sound deep in the bass end, and I like the midrange too, although I have not tried any others. Apparantly the Ei factory which made them had a fire and no longe... 
I own a JOR and love it, with the caveat that retubing power tubes requires setting bias voltages usings pots that are inside the unit and I definately rate that job as being not user friendly. The smaller signal tubes can be rolled to your prefer... 
Hey guys need help with speaker upgrade..
IMHO. . .A pair of Vandersteen 2ce Sig series new (or used) or Vandersteen 3A Sigs (used) would fit your budget and be hard to beat. See if you can audition a pair. Happy Listening, 
Help a confused newbie build his first setup...
IMHO. . . a pair of used Vandersteen 2ce's would do well for your speaker needs, and see if you can mate it with a nice integrated tube amp, or for your ss preference, consider a used YBA integra, NAD, or Creek integrated. There are many others to... 
Time for a new DAC?
I believe that there are former EAD engineers in Fairfield Iowa that can upgrade your EAD unit. The name and contact info escapes me, but Google is worth a try.