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Sterophile's not so nice review of Bryston
Probably not a lot of Bryston advertising in Stereophile these days. I like reading Stereophile, but that magazine is HIGHLY influenced by advertising, among other things. One must CAREFULLY read between the lines of the equipment reviews to extra... 
Best way to test your system?
For me, I test a system with piano solo's playing the frequency spectrum. The piano should sound more like there is a piano in the room during soft and loud passages alike, and much less like there is piano music coming through a set of speakers i... 
More female vocals
I am suprised no one has mentioned Madeline Peyroux. Fantastic female vocalist. 
Tube Bias Adjustment and Tube Testing
As I recall, the McIntosh 2102 is a fixed bias amp set by the factory, which means that you do not need to adjust the bias when changing output tubes (6550's, or kt 88's can be used as well)and McIntosh recommends that you buy replacements tubes f... 
Help with set-up of Empire 598III Turntable
When you set the counterweight such that the arm floats level above the record the effective cartridge weight at that point would be about 0 gms. Then dial in the weight you are choosing for your cartridge according to the scale marked on the coun... 
Late Night Hum Issues: Help?
Check your connections to the cartridge headshell and cartridge. You may also have a broken lead wire but most probably a poor connection to the cartridge/headshell. (Also check connections to pre-amp). IMHO, its worth a try. 
60 watt Rogue Tubes for Vandersteen 3A Signatures
Should work just fine unless your trying to rattle windows and shake floors. I drove a pair of 2ce's with my Jadis Orchestra Reference (about 45 w/c) and it sounded really good to me. Your opinion may vary, but, Happy Listening. 
Vintage upgrade
Great idea about the mat material, Elizabeth. One question, though: how does one go about cutting a near perfect circle? Thanks for your thoughts on this. Happy Listening 
Pathos In Power - Tubes????
I did some "Googling" and found a comment on """ regarding the tube complement for your amp, listing 4 EL 34's, TWO 12ax7's, and one 6n6. That makes more sense to me, anyway. Probably some prior owner just stuck in a different tube and ... 
Core amp stands--load bearing capacity
Please keep us posted as I would like to know how they deal with your problem as I already own equipment stands from them. 
Used DAC with balanced output for $500ish?
Meridian 563? 
Anyone use Forte Model 4a in bridged mode?
I have a Forte Model 4a. I was not aware that it could be used in a bridged mode. I don't believe that there are any rear (or front) panel switches for that purpose. It is a really sweet 50 wpc class A amplifier. I use mine in the summer months to... 
open/energetic but not harsh? what am i describing
Are you sure that you want diffent speakers rather than different upstream components (pre-amp/amp). Knowledge of your other equipment/cabling would be most helpful in recommending something that would resolve your issues. 
Crushed 3009 type 2 improved
Yes1 It's a place in Canada, I have the address on my office PC. He advertises SME parts and repair right here on the gon. If you can't find it I'll get it for you on Monday. 
Cello Cartrige Help Please
From what I remember, it is a moving coil cartridge source from Ikeda in Japan. Mark Levinson (the man) owned Cello and spec'd the cartridge for his line of very high end equipment.