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Playback Designs MPS-5 vs. Cary CD-306
Very nice review. I'd like to hear a side by side with the DCS stack. In any case it's a hypothetical consideration for me at best. I've neither the time nor the money at this point in my life. Even so, it's nice to get a glimpse from someone like... 
Looking for warm sounding speakers
Aerial 7B's were quite like what you're describing, at least to my ears when I listened to them. I found that surprising because I had been under the impression that metal domed tweeters resulted in harshness. However, the 7B's have metal domed tw... 
hearing tests - where and how?
Electroid,I think I agree with Shadorne, who said this:"Up to 12K is important. Higher than that is not really that relevant to music."I had an audiogram a few years back and asked them to measure out to 12 kHz, which was as high as they could go,... 
hearing tests - where and how?
You can borrow mine, along with a calibrator and SPL meter, IF you promise to send it back to me within a month or so. 
hearing tests - where and how?
There is at least one company that makes a CD containing test tones from 20-20,000 hertz their specifications suggest that it is reasonably accurate 
Denon's 100th anniversary
So, can you get me a deal on the headphones? Wondering how they're planning to improve on the AH-D7000's....Maybe the AHD7000's will become passe, and I'll be able to pick up a pair....CHEAP.....LOL--or not. 
Anyone have any experience in car audio?
How is the system wired? The reason for this question is that when I had a fine car system (years ago), the bass would change dramatically when the fader was set differently. I don't remember the EXACT details, but it was something like this: If I... 
Playback Designs MPS-5 - Measerments v. Sound
"O.k., just made the jump and orderd PD MPS-5. Lets see what the fuss was all about. Measurements v. The truth of sound....." PapayaHave you received the unit yet? If so, what do you think?Thanks. 
Review: Marantz SA11-S2 vs. Marants Black Pearl SA-KI
Thanks for the info. That's helpful. 
Review: Marantz SA11-S2 vs. Marants Black Pearl SA-KI
Do you have anything to say about the headphone jack output of the Pearl or any other Marantz unit? Specifically, is it comparable to a decent dedicated headphone amp (eg, Melos, etc) or is that just wishful thinking? What's going thru my admitted... 
Go with a tube preamp or not?
p.s. As you probably already know, I drive my Summits with an Odyssey Tempest Extreme solid state preamp and two Odyssey Stratos Extreme Monoblock amplifiers. Hmmmm, the Candela may be a consideration for ME as well--at some point. Anyway, talk to... 
Go with a tube preamp or not?
Csmgolf:Three HUGE disclaimers prior to saying ANYTHING:1) I have NEVER heard or even SEEN this preamp, so I know absolutely nothing about it other than that it's offered by Klaus Bunge, it's tube and it's in your price range, NEW.2) I do NOT know... 
Review: Intuitive Design/Pitcher Sound Labs Summit PSL 624 Speaker
Champagne Audio is a dealer. Best strategy is to email Duane for more info. 
Room for discussion?
Dave, I've decided to wait for a while, due to a number of factors. The points you made above were pivotal. Sometimes it's very helpful to hear from someone else. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread. It is very much appreciated.-Bill 
Review: Intuitive Design/Pitcher Sound Labs Summit PSL 624 Speaker
Rx8man,That's great news! It's been my perception as well as that of quite a few others that they are musical yet detailed and smooth without being rolled off on the high end (at least to my ears). That means that they're also non-fatiguing but no...