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Review: Intuitive Design Mosaic Chimera Reference Speaker cable
Hi Roger,As I mentioned in my review of the standard Chimera speaker cables, after adding these speaker cables to my system, the detail from my mains became comparable to that of the Stax Lambda Signature headphone system that I owned, with the SR... 
Some impressions from the 2007 RMAF:
Powder, I'd love to read the email if the person who sent it doesn't mind. Let me know. 
Food for thought for all us audiophiles
"Instead of suggesting the convergent effect for cases of consensus, I’d like to suggest sheer politeness. It’s better than turning to the person listening next to you and asking “Are you DEAF?!?”"-HifibriWonderful observation, and hilarious too! 
Food for thought for all us audiophiles
Although there is clearly SOME validity to what's being said, I'm still left to wonder: If there's such a tendency for "convergence" among audiophiles' opinions, then why do so many people argue vehemently for diametrically opposed viewpoints on t... 
Did You Have Fun At RMAF? Thank Al&Marjorie
I had a great time. Even my wife thought it was interesting and likened it to "Let's Make a Deal," where you never know what's going to be behind the door (to the next room). 
Review: Ray Samuels Audio Apache Headphone Amplifier Amplifier
Rgs92,At this weekend's 2007 RMAF, I went to the Sennheiser display where they had HD600s hooked up to the same source at the same time as HD650s. The HD650s are a significant improvement in my opinion. Quite a bit more detailed, among other thing... 
Report from Rocky Mountain AudioFest
Rao Audio just launched their company on the first day of the show. VERY nice sounding room in my opinion, for what it's worth. What did other attendees think of Rao Audio?Was anyone else as impressed as I was with their room? 
Review: Ray Samuels Audio Apache Headphone Amplifier Amplifier
Between the 650s and the GS100s, which do you prefer with the Apache? 
the smoothest sounding speaker
Aerial 7Bs have a smooth high end. They might be worth a listen. 
Review: Ray Samuels Audio Apache Headphone Amplifier Amplifier
Rich,When you get tired of one or the other, you have my permission to just ship it to me and I'd be willing to listen to it for that you don't have all those pesky high end phones cluttering up your listening area, etc. Yeah, that's th... 
Review: Ray Samuels Audio Apache Headphone Amplifier Amplifier
Wow, excellent review! Their web site shows quite a variety of headphone amps. It looks like yours is the one that's $2995, is that correct? How does its sound with the Grados compare to that of the Stax 007t with your Omega 2's? 
What headphone amp to buy-Sennheiser HD 600?
Epilogue:Having destroyed the diaphragms on the original Lambda Signatures, then having them rebuilt at Yamasinc to essentially 404s with the new diaphragms, I wanted to see how the ORIGINAL version of the Lambda Signatures would compare. I found ... 
Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier
Sherod,The thought has crossed my mind (more than once, in fact).....but finances will force a wait, and I don't want to waste Joseph's time until I'm in a position to pull the trigger, which will be a while. However, from what I can gather, this ... 
Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier
Rx8man,Thanks! I plan to go to that show so it would be great to be able to see that preamp.-Bill 
New Speaker Purchase
An excellent sounding monitor is (or at least it was, as of a year or two ago) made by Induction Dynamics. It's about $3000 and sounds fabulous. It uses a proprietary "brick wall" 4th order crossover, which maximizes driver control. However, unlik...