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Review: Tube Research Labs M-225 mono blocks Amplifier
It sounds like these are stellar amps. Is there any Achilles heel, like anemic bass, etc.? It sounds like the answer will be "No" but your thoughts would be appreciated. Another A'gon-izer whose opinion I highly respect is also intrigued by these. 
Is there a truly musical multiple CD player?
The Onkyo Integra DPC 8.5 is a 6 disc changer universal player that will decode SACD. It was about $700. The DPC 8.5 has a button to bypass all video circuitry, and this improves sonic detail. It's not bad, but (from what I've been told) would be ... 
Vienna Die Muzick flagship speakers
The primary driver pictured in the ads for the Die Muzick speakers vaguely reminds me of the Manger (sp?) driver used in the Audio Physic Medea and the Overkill Audio speakers. Whether there's more than a superficial similarity is unclear to me. P... 
Vienna Die Muzick flagship speakers
"And if you were asking, the answer is a very sad NO. . . my wife won't let me buy them! G."Dude! Don't be expecting too much sympathy from this crowd when you already own a smokin' pair of the Mahlers! You're just going to have to suffer...Yeah, ... 
Best U.S.A. speakers?
Agree with Agear on Intuitive Design. 
Harshness in tweeters: the price of transparency?
If you'd like to get past this conundrum, consider the amazing Intuitive Design Summits. The Summits have the most amazing combination of high end smoothness and detail I have ever heard in any loudspeaker, at any price, bar none. One person said ... 
Audiophile systems of awe.
Davidny, Yeah, as Pedrillo asked, what was the system that trumped the Cello system? 
Hairdryer for Sale on Gon
why not just spray the disks with Static Guard? 
Hooverphonic anyone?
There's something vaguely familiar about that name.....from Belgium and not Hooverville. Hmmm, I may have to check them out. 
I Have 100K for Speakers?
You can have a lot of money, but you still have to know what you're doing and have some semblance of an ear. Otherwise it's a crap shoot at best. He or she needs to do some research and some listening before plopping down a huge wad of cash. As mo... 
Any new up & coming high end speaker lines?
Did you go the 2007 RMAF? Plenty to listen to there, so if you didn't, then you may want to consider going in 2008. Of course, such a venue has severe inherent limitations, and it's very difficult to compare and contrast entire rooms because of di... 
Review: Intuitive Design/Pitcher Sound Labs Summit PSL 624 Speaker
Agear,Since you were already thrilled with the Delta Summits WITHOUT the matching Coordinate amplified stands, I'll be very interested to hear what you think of them WITH the Coordinate amplified stands. I'll probably cave some day and get the Del... 
On The Feeding And Care Of Vienna Mahlers
So, you're saying you pretty much like them then, huh?OK, just kidding. That's wonderful news and congratulations on your audiophile success! Woohoo! 
On The Feeding And Care Of Vienna Mahlers
So, Guidocorona, are you still just giddy with these beasts or WHAT???!!! There is one dealer other than Duane whose ears I trust to be very similar to my own. This dealer said that the Mahlers were the best speakers he'd ever heard, and here's th... 
The best speaker you ever heard?
"'The people making comments including myself, no matter how experienced have limited comparisons. There would be other loudspeaker design we would consider if we heard them irregardless of taste.'--Armyscout41"Excellent point, Armyscout41. I woul...