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Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier
Does Audio Horizons plan to exhibit at the 2007 RMAF? 
New Speaker Purchase
Do you have any price range in mind? 
Dakiom feedback stabalizers....
Chadnliz,Hopefully you didn't think I was trying to criticize your listening ear or system resolution, because that didn't even cross my mind when I wrote it. So if you took it that way, I apologize. The only point is that people have had a variet... 
Dakiom feedback stabalizers....
Chadnliz,That's very interesting. You're only the second person I know who said they made no difference one way or the other in their system. A lot of people really like them (I'm in that camp), whereas others think they hurt the sound. For exampl... 
Intuitive Summits & R.S. Audio Sasons?
The Summits are phenomenal, and I've posted a rather long review about them on Audiogon. If I were an Audiogon member reading that review, I'd have raised eyebrows, but the things said are actually true. If you look at the last few posts to that r... 
Dakiom feedback stabalizers....
Chadnliz,What ever happened with your Dakiom Feedback Stabilizers? Did they work or did you send them back? 
Review: Mosaic Chimera Speaker cable
Clio09,Do you plan to keep the cables, or haven't you had enough time to audition them? 
Best Speakers to Audition in the $5-10k range?
Looks like Kmiller5 ended up with Vandesteen Quatros:"Vandersteen Quatro ($7800)Four-way class A speaker with 300 watt built in subs. I am using them with the balanced crossover and they are amazing."That's from his virtual system. 
How many pair of speakers do you own?
I own one pair only.* *Unless you count a pair that detaches from an Aiwa boombox upstairs in our bedroom, and computer speakers, etcetera. 
Review: Mosaic Chimera Speaker cable
OK, you guys have inspired me, and now we (my wife and I) have tickets to Denver for the RMAF. See you there. It should be fun. 
What speaker cables to buy
What's your price limit? 
Dust...It's Killing Me
Swiffer Duster, like Ncarv said above. 
Looking for the next best thing? Underground welco
How underground does it have to be?Totem has some great speakers. The Aerial 7B is very nice. Maybe those aren't underground enough for what you're after--I don't know. The smallest monitor by Induction Dynamics is excellent, so it may be worth li... 
Best Value Speaker Model for the Buck?
Intuitive Design Summits are phenomenal. I think that they're even better than the old, three box version of the Audio Physic Caldera, a legendary speaker that retailed for ~$20,000, and had sound that I thought justified their price. I've reviewe... 
Review: Mosaic Chimera Speaker cable
Thanks for the responses so far. It sounds like you guys are some "heavy hitters" when it comes to audio in general, and cables in particular. Rlawry,It's pretty impressive that someone would switch out NBS Black Labels for Chimeras. What all did ...