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Comparing Wadia vs. Meitner
have been debating whether I should post this or not for awhile now I probably shouldn't have a feeling it's going to offend some people definitely. But here we go hang on.I thanks to Frankg for bringing his Meitner stuff over we finally directly ... 
Esoteric DV-50: Any cdp's Significantly better?
A1 APL modded Denon 3910I2 EMM stuff which is exactly which models? 
Who's got the best user name?
Albert how long did that take to compose? I would have needed a week to research the names alone. 
Wadia 861 GNSC Reference Upgrade
algorithm A PERIOD 
Wadia 861 GNSC Reference Upgrade
that reminds me also the se transport upgrade is also worth their cost definitely. Steve Huntley is a excellent person to have available for this service. 
How frequently do you check Audiogon listings?
habit checking them even if I'm not really looking to buy anything many times every day. 
Wadia 861 GNSC Reference Upgrade
had a stock 861 intending to get the statement modification found a already statement modified 861 on audiogon anyway the difference was absolutely huge and is immediately apparent it's like a completely different machine. I'm sure the reference m... 
T-7000 didn't work out, now what?
tony look for a proceed cdd transport usually around $800 used its supposedly the same internal mechanism as the highly sonically rated Levinson 37 transport which usually goes for $2000 + used. May be better than the Genesis digital lens and your... 
T-7000 didn't work out, now what?
get a Genesis digital time lens that will definitely be an improvement 
My Journey to Digital Nirvana Part 1
711 could you compare the latest APL 1000 with the latest APL 3910? 
Esoteric DV-50: Any cdp's Significantly better?
brainwater did you have a reimyo player for awhile? How did it compare with your Alex 3910 on Redbook and sacd? 
Best Redbook player with XLR outs
GNSC statement modified Wadia 861 se 
Jena Labs Symphony vs. Valkyre IC's
hello Frank yes 6 foot is plenty I was thinking about that possibility also. Justin 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
Patrick so how did rikki lee sound better than ever I suppose? Get well soon. Best regards. 
Jena Labs Symphony vs. Valkyre IC's
hello Frank you enjoy CES? I just purchased a used Symphony got it yesterday is what triggered this question actually. I liked some sonic aspects and disliked some also but overall still liked the XLO limited better but it's been cooked so the com...