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Help needed on a recalcitrant Sony DVP-S7000
had a site with the exact info and more but just checked and the Link isn't working now. Sorry 
What is your idea of a Perfect Album?
Eagles Hotel California or Hell freezes overEric Clapton UnpluggedSRV couldn't stand the weatherLed Zeppelin 1 or 2 both are excellent 
Wadia direct into amp, Sound a bit too lean??
XLO Unlimited or limited will definitely help fix your problem 
"Giant Killer" The things legends are made of.
placette remote volume control 
Help for Mark Levinson 31 Transport
just curious what happened to the screws? 
The 411 on AT&T
nsgarch no but was between Wadia 270 transport and Wadia 27ix converter was 1 meter replaced with a gnsc statement modified Wadia 861 se player for better sound 
Pink Floyd reunion
pray they get greedy and start thinking about what ridiculous amount of money they could make on a world tour 
Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 vs the MKII version cdp
mine worked perfect with a p4 chip anything previous to the p4 did have problems definitely 
Difference between Wadia 850 and 861B and ML390S
I purchased an 861 from someone who also owned the 390s at the same time compared both many times always preferred the Wadia 
Audiophile book of "Common Sense"
that was funny Marco thanks dude 
Amp suggestions for Kinergetics SW200?
the woofers have excursion limitations and are prone to bottoming out with the stock amplifier adding a better more powerful amplifier really won't help. Would suggest a Muse 18 subwoofer it's much better overall and blends better in the crossover... 
How many audiophiles to screw in a light bulb?
vote taken regarding how many foot pounds of torque each bulb was screwed into the socket with lit the best?research and development costed a bundle for the special bulb torque wrench alone. there was a almost unanimous vote until someone suggeste... 
Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 vs the MKII version cdp
the Mark 2 is much better especially the bass alot more authority and much better definition the differences are worth the price definitely having owned both previously. 
Glass Fiber AT&T ST or AES/EBU XLR ?
Glass Fiber AT&T ST or AES/EBU XLR ?
RJA yes clocklink only works by using both AT&T cables. 1 cable has the clock data the other has the CD word data only. Believe the balanced cable has both the clock and CD information combined into it.