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Amazing ''Overachieving'' products...your pick?
oh forgot the Mirage M3 Si speakers they actually outperform their bigger brother M1 Si's 
Amazing ''Overachieving'' products...your pick?
Placette RVC truly transparentPlinius CD player absolutely astounding at its priceSpica Angeles real soundstage unreal for the priceXLO type 5 speaker cable and signature interconnectsVTL 2.5 preamp 
Wadia 861 vs. 861 SE
dbk not comparing Redbook the emm system vs. my gnsc statement modified Wadia 861 se easily equaled its performance. on sacd the emm was maybe 5% better than the Wadia Redbook performance. 
Best Song or AlbumTitles?
track listings for M.O.D USA for M.O.D album1. Aren't You Hungry / Get A Real Job2. I Executioner3. Don't Feed The Bears4. Ballad Of Dio5. Thrash Or Be Thrashed6. Let Me Out7. Bubble Butt8. You're Beat9. Bushwackateas10. Man Of Your Dreams11. That... 
Krell KPS 20i - What Standard vs a Modern Machine?
I'm thinking you may absolutely love a Audio Aero Capitol Mark 2 you wouldn't need a preamp either using the Capitol 
Tally up best digital player ever
GNSC statement modified Wadia 861 se 
Is SACD a dead format?
never was alive it never even achieved a 1% sales penetration 
The 411 on AT&T
the Wadia sucks the ead introduced siecor is better than it and the xlo is even better 
wadia 830 vs 16i
email Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound Company he can definitely answer your question. 
Pink Floyd The Wall Remasters
ben the regular release I had would have been previous the 97 version your referred to 
Pink Floyd The Wall Remasters
MFSL absolutely sucks boosted bass highs cut, the shine on box version totally kills it hell the regular release kills the mobile fidelity release the echoes version is better than the regular release. Have not heard the mini lp Japanese version s... 
A "Unique" Voice...
Sarah McLachlan I probably totally butchered her last name and the recording on her album surfacing is absolutely excellent 
What are we listening to tonight?
Floyd animalsLynyard Skynyrd Gold & platinum 
Anyone know anything about Eleanor McEvoy?
seriously check ebay for some at absolutely give away prices for her CD's 
Genesis 201 vs Wilson Maxx Series 2 ??
krc I think your room may be a bit small for the Genesis 201 you would probably have too much bass even after proper adjustment to the crossover if room was 18 x 18 it would be more workable and good listening distance from the 201 is about 10 fee...