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Tubelike solid state: Ayre Vs Aleph
I'm loving my Pass Labs Aleph 4 (same as the 2's but in the dual monaural format). I added a great subwoofer and love the combination. I heartily recommend that approach. 
Looking for computer program to catalog cds LPS
Tedwash: I read your post a couple hours ago and bought CD Trustee off the net and downloaded it. I already have over 300 of my cds in the data base. It really does work well and provides amazing info and flexibility. I would like to think that I ... 
The Who "Who's Next".
keep looking. I got my mofi copy for $100. 
Great service from Mark Levinson and Madrigal
Yes, I've had the same experience. By email or phone for tech help or sending in my amp for repair of a cracked binding post, I have gotten totally courteous fast service with no bs. Also, the little things like very good packaging, excellent manu... 
amp/preamp fit with Revel
I Have Revel Studios and Voice. I like my Pass Labs amp much better than the Levinson #331 I used to have for the Studios. I'm using a Proceed Amp2 bi-amped to the Voice, which sounds great. 
Distortion on "Blind Faith" deluxe edition cd
Yes, I hear it too. Since I don't haave any other version of this album.,I can't guess where the distortion comes from. 
Levinson 331 or Pass X150 or Plinius SA-100 ??????
One of my AgoN friends said that he had a 331, tried a Plinius, liked it better, than tried a Pass amp and kept it of the three. Since I had a #331, I skipped the middle test and bought a Pass Labs Aleph 4 and found it immediately more detailed, o... 
Blue - Like Keb Mo
Lou Rawls - At LastBB King, any 
MFSL Beatles CDs
I bought an "Italian MFSL" Beatles CD from someone one Ebay and returned it. It was a CD-R and I could not tell one bit of difference from the regular CD I already owned. Don't bother. 
Anyone tried a copy protected CD?
Did you read that taking a black magic marker to the garbage tracks (on the very beginning of the disk) eliminates the copy protection and allows a PC to read them just fine? 
Why are there so many unopened amps, ect for sale?
Just for your info, all of the Madrigal product lines: Levinson, Proceed, and Revel come with transferable warranties. You just call them on the phone and tell them your name, address, and the serial numbers. They are very nice about it and stand ... 
Subwoofer cable recommendations please?
I have been using a 10 meter Audioquest Ruby cable. I think you can get a pair of them for under $100. 
want to upgrade music performance in HT syst.
John,If you are using a digital audio cable from your dvd player to the digital input of your HTS then you are using the dacs in your Processor. If you are using a pair (or more) of cables from the right and left audio out on the player, you are u... 
technical explanation for cable direction?
Viridian,Well, thankyou..... that certainly makes sense. I had not heard that. Thats sort of the same reason why bi-wiring sounds better (reverse current created by the rebound of the voice coil is best delt with at the output of the amp) 
want to upgrade music performance in HT syst.
John,WHAT about your music playback? grainy highs or midrange? no bass or bloated bass? can't turn it up loud? distortion? box y sound?. Although I'm not a fan of Transparent cables, it sounds like you have chosen lots of highend cables and have s...