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HomeGrownAudio cable Owners
Thanks guys. I just read the threads in the archive, but wanted to hear opinion from new owners, if any, with this product. OBTW - I like the shot about paranoia being a determining factor on the Super Silver vs Lace - HAH! My system is about 25k ... 
Where should the Whale Elite rest?
HaH! Guy came over last weekend, a cable and cord hound, and he was impressed by the heft of the "Big Boys"! 
Where should the Whale Elite rest?
I have two Whales, one on my transport and another on my MPS power supply feeding my dac / jitter filter. IMS, the transport is the most critical, then MPS, finally amp. Oh yeah the PLC, I'm using the Shunyata Hydra w/the Sidewinder. It uses a twi... 
T.G. Audio I.C. cables?
Mes> Which RCA's are your TG Audio's, silver or gold? I'm listening to the gold connectors. I'm very impressed with this cable, while silver it doesn't sound like silver, except it is very detailed, has very good PRAT but that bass and the air ... 
Best EL34 ?
Longplate>How are they different? What did you pay for the fat bases? I'm actually looking for the Amperex double-D's. I heard they are the most dynamic. I've heard great things of the fat bases as well. Thanks MikE 
Dealers and changing product lines
My local dealer is very good about keeping a stable line of products. Some have been in the store for 10+ years. Every two years one line is dropped/picked up. Just here lately I inquired about them dropping VAC, he said the owner wanted to scale ... 
Rudeness With 'net Sales
I've been lucky with all my Ebay purchases and the two casesin which I was the seller and never spoke with the buyer first or ever. In those cases they sent the monies first, so what did I care? I agree I prefer to speak with someone I have never ... 
Power Cable for VAC
I've got a pa 35/35 and I've had great sucess with a Shunyata Viper v2 or the less expensive Sidewinder. On a VAC you want something dynamic, not soft or slow. MikE 
Nice Warm AC cord for a PLC
ML>Forgive my ad. I have a E.S.P. "Essence" pc for sale that has a big, fat juicey and warm sound. MikE 
What is your OTHER passion?
Marathon running, fly fishing, mountain biking, writing, designing furniture, graphic & interior design, fashion, collectables, big sports fan and most of all - spending time with Marquise, my 3 year old son. 
Best EL34 ?
I'm currently using (1) xf2 Mullard brn base single getter (2) xf2 blk base single getter Mullards (1) xf3 blk base single getter Mullard. Well that was before one of the xf2's died. I got a Siemens double d-getter coming and looking into a ANOS q... 
Redwiki - About racks, shelves...
Thanks for sharing the information. I'm in the mist of evaluating my Shunyata Hydra PLC among other unforseen changes (tube dying) so I think I'll let everything settleand then look into my rack / shelves / footers. 
Don't see much on Silverline Sonata so..
ME2> Your talking about listening to the new Sonata II's? I've got the original Sonatinas, similar sound to the Sonata's. I love to visit Alan at his shop - have fun. 
"sandwich" platform for amps
Detlof>There are no spikes touching the granite. The amp footers have been replacedwith a combo of B.D.R. "ThoseThings" bases and Vibrapods. This rest on the granite/"Vibrapod sandwich". My speakers sit on 4" granite slabs and the stock footers... 
"sandwich" platform for amps
I use Vibrapods between two slabs of 3cm granite for my triode amp and power line conditioner in the HT. A 15x12x6"block of polished blk granite for the PLC in the 2 channel.GRanite by itself rings like a bell.