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Stunned by a cable upgrade
I also tried the AP Oval 9/Oval silver bi-wire with my Silverline Sonatinas. I also had some Harmonic Tech Pro-9's.Both of these cables were up against my Silverline Audio Conductor bi-wire. Frankly, after reading all the glowing reviews on both c... 
Powersnakes power cords
Disregard my >all your implications< statement. I believesome of your opinions are a bit zealous. >There is a strong voice (now quieted some) that I will speak for that feel power cords are a hox and a pure waste of moneyIMO thatthese pow... 
Powersnakes power cords
Echoing Mega's thoughts, I can appreciate your opinion and the general manner you spoke, which was honestly. Trying to distance myself from my appeal for PowerSnakes, I believe that all your implications are unfounded. Not absolutely sure of your ... 
What's your profession? Age?
44, Artist. System retail cost 22.5k-While I've been in this hobby for 25 years, over the last 5 years I've completely upgraded my 10 year old system. Replacing EVERYTHING at least once but other than power cords never three times. Finally arrivin... 
How much does your system retail for?
22.5k, but that is always changing as new pieces come and go; some more expensive, some less. What was the motive for this question? 
Do the Audio gods shine upon you?
Yes, THAT phenonenon again. First it was time of day, then it was supposed to be a mood swing, then drink or drug were blamed on my good/ill fortune. Perhaps you, like myself are just imagining this whole thing and we are really only listening to ... 
Power Cord For Audio Research gear
Rather than get catchup in other cable/cord war, I'll jyst offer my personal recommendation of the fine Shunyata pc's and also that AR found their KinG Cobra to mate best with the after-market cords sampled. I would also suggest you look into the ... 
ESP Essence powercords? where can I buy?
ohthatsound-I've got one (1) E.S.P. "Essence" to sell, "that guy" is still interested and this party decides to purchase your cords. Email at Thanks. 
How did U get into this expensive hobby?
Well I did'nt really GET INTO IT until I could afford too. That was the really frustrating thing about my 25 year love affair with sound reproduction; that early on I was disappointed with what technology could deliver and then as advances were ma... 
Marble to place speakers on?
Refer to my post on concerning stone platforms for floor-standers. MikE 
Hydra or R.Gray 1200 S or PS-600 ??
I've got a Whale and Shunyata Vipers/Sidewinders. I'm considering doing the same thing. The Hydra burned-in yet?MikE 
Granite Under Speakers Over A Wood Floor
PLease refer to my post on AR concerning your query. 
Kweifi-about your Sonatas and 2a3 Fi
LaK> The Moth Si 2a3 is rated 3wpc. Yet I've read, or heard from end-users that it is a very robust amp, that puts out a BIG, meaty, ballsy sound with killer bass. Sounding more like a 15-20 wpc amp. We'll see, thats why I'm mating the two; to ... 
NOS 2a3 tubes
Edle> Thank you for your sharing your experience. I've batted this around (like all changes) quite a bit, having received replys that it could work, will work, won't really work the way you want; that if you push the amp too much you'll lose th... 
Powerchord with the best tight bass ??
The BMI Whale Elite-KILLER, fat-ass bass!!! Shunyata KC is also VERY GOOD!