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Any experiences with Shunyata Research?
dolphin- i'm finishing up a comprehensive review on the shunyata viper v2 and the original king cobra, with thoughts on the blk mamba as well. i'm not ready to post it for public consumpsion but would email it to you privately. mike 
Any experiences with Shunyata Research?
hi paul-i have some relevant experianence w/the shunyata cords. e-mail me. mike 
barometric level change ?
no, my sound pressure metre was reading "only" about 91 db peaks. surprisingly the sound was anything but harsh. i think the track was on sara k's fleetwood mac's remix. 
Best amp for Silverline Sonatinas
KA- i've got the Sonatinas wired w/V.a.C. pa 35/35 triode tube amp (32 watts)w/killer n.o.s. tubes and Shunyata Sidewinder power cord. while i love the romantic, soft, slightly dark, natural VAC family sound, they say the Sonatinas sound best w/s....