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I want more bass… Quick math approximately 471ish sq inch vs a 21” 330ish sq inch? (Don’t take my word on the math, pretty rough approximation) ?  
Speakers with deep/powerful bass
Bleh, 30 years ago I had some panasonics I bought at a PX. they had either 18 or 20” woofers, 5 or 6 inch midrange and a horn tweeter with 3 buttons on the top for selecting which got more power.. drove em with Carver Silver Seven-t monos. Those... 
Non-Oversampling (NOS) vs,
Have a gustard R26. Easy to switch back and forth NOS/OS. prefer NOS. Just need gustard to get a bit better at docs and customer service.  
chatGPT identifies concentric driver designs like Ohm Walsh....
Ask it which came first.. chicken<->egg  
Room Layout and Acoustic Improvements on a Limited Budget
You can make good performing acoustic panels for $25-30 for each 2’x4’ panel. Make them look however you want.  
Carver Silver Seven 900
Thanks for the link… and the reminder for using the word “schematic” in my searches.. sigh Age related memory issues is all I can plead…   :-)  
Help. System sounds thin and bright or harsh
Oh yeah, a good r2r dac, or even a ds dac with various “warm” filters (mine is a gustard r26, generally in NOS, which replaced an smsl -su 10) but those with more free cash can find something more expensive for a small improvement.   
Help. System sounds thin and bright or harsh
Depending on how handy you are, or your free cash… Either build or buy some acoustic panels. good video on diy:    
Carver Silver Seven 900
Ack,  Thanks, but that is a PM solid state. looking for the Silver Seven 900 tube amp docs. I’ve since sent an email to the Bob Carver folks and hopefully they have an old copy somewhere. Duh.. right?  
Looking for a good small subwoofer...
Had a dynamo 800x from Martin Logan.  Did the job, sounded good and wasn’t huge.   
Artesania rack
Would’t heat trapping be more of an issue when placing it on the bottom or even middle? my tube amps have plenty of airflow and nothing above them to trap heat.  
How much should I spend on a new DAC
Gustard R26. I just prefer the sound to a, not the most expensive delta sigma around, smsl 10, though that was connected to node 2i via toslink. The smsl 10 didn’t sound “bad” but the tos link has it’s limits. Still a good little delta sigma wit... 
Best Basic CD Player (no SACD, USB, etc.)
Many, many years ago, I purchased a Carver sdl/410t. Other than at times wishing for more cds at once, I have never heard any other player that would make me want to change.. SACD isn’t really necessary.. just put files on the NAS and play..  sa...