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Ethernet switches the good and bad
@princeliebe  wouldn’t the better power supply be more effective on the streamer (clean) side?  
Ethernet switches the good and bad
Best $100 I ever spent was 2 Media converters and using fibre between router to rack, then a short shielded cat6 cable to streamer.  All noise from ethernet gear “went away”.  
The best plug in filter ever!
How about just one (or two) of the inexpensive “solar generators” with 3600-7200 watt pure sine wave outputs? (Charges from wall, solar panels or both. Also configurable for either only 120v or split phase or just use the 15/20a outlets on the thi... 
I downloaded high-res files and...
I have been looking to create digital files from my purchased cds and store away the originals. Since I do not have the time, nor the patience, to run around finding the “best” way of doing that on site, I have been lately looking into services t... 
New Snaps/pop sounds after moving system?
The vinyl experience for free. Why complain?  
Sharing SACDs
Anyone here doing something illegal? please share.  
Looking for high power warming sounding tube amps
Bob Carver Silver Seven 900 mono blocks.    
System Static Issue
Disconnect the network.  Then try just amp, then amp+pre-amp.  Then reconnect network.  
How do I switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet cables?
Seems like the ethernet over powerline adapters (~$40) to an optical segment and back just before the streamer would proved the most flexibility.  The optical portion, with a nice short shielded ethernet cable to the streamer, can be had for under... 
Network Acoustics Muon ethernet filtering system - Improving streaming sound quality
$100 fiber media converter to optical cable to another converter for fiber to ethernet, short, high quality shielded ethernet cable to streamer then short usb to dac. The optical section removes all the “noise” from the copper wires of the ether... 
Crossover - hard to find for biamping
Sublime audio: you order the first set of crossovers installed and you can also order swappable crossover boards.  Kind of like tube rolling?  Find the crossover points that... 
Innuos with wi-fi
Probably don’t want to setup any streamer directly on a public wifi connection. I’d look into the wireless client connect, dhcp on lan side over ethernet cable to in apartment devices. 
Innuos with wi-fi
My innuos pulse mini is at 100% and the selected dac controls volume output, either to amp or pre-amp. Some dacs have filter settings where the dac volume control is “bypassed”(?) and is 100% and that is for use through a pre-amp. (Ie, gustard r2... 
Why are these called 5 way binding posts? I count four!
4 ways to the speakers, one way to the amplifier..?  
Ethernet opinions
  Caching streamers save the track to cache, whether that is ram only (ie, innuous pulse mini uses 2gb Ram for this when playing from a service, or a streamer that uses a local drive for caching, ie, an ssd or a card to save the cached track to “...