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No labile help
They are decomposing?  
We should reject hard-to-drive speakers more often
I just want a loudspeaker that creates resonances within my abdominal cavity and may crack a window if not careful..  But I cannot afford most of those that cost what amounts to a decent down payment on a piece of property or a house.   There a... 
So, got the pulse mini, hooked up with usb to gustard R26. configured my qobuz and tidal in streamers. I cannot play any master.  Mqa files quit downloading after 2-8 seconds. so far, the only thing I can see is that the pulse mini shows my tid... 
Small, Effective Subwoofers?
I had a little martin logan downfiring sub I gave to my nephew.. I think it was either an 8 or a 10”, but that thing sounds good also… self powered.. think it was 10 or 12 inches high..  i just cannot remember the model..   
Is Qobuz Sublime download discount legit or a scam?
Maybe getting charges for the downloads through a European based payment site? i always have problems when using CC for OCONUS purchases. 3 instances in the last 2 months where my payment was blocked and I had to get in touch with the european s... 
Biamping vs only inserting an Active crossover
Under $600 and configurable. tube amp for upper and mids, ss for lows and dual powered subs. each amp does what it sounds best at, runs cooler and there is more power available for driving only the specific  frequencies fed to the particu... 
More Bass
$640. Or double to 4x10” for $860. I took 2 of the 2-10s so I could place them in different spots.    
tube amp for home theater AND 2 channel?
Carver Black Magic 25. $1995. 5 year warranty and very generous return policy if you don’t like it within 30 days. Plus 5 year trade up value if you want more power.. Sound really good paired with Tekton Double Impact SE (bi amped) with A760x SS ... 
DAC failure?
Fairly new, less than 6 weeks old. Purchased from Apos Audio. Still waiting for a reply from their support (via email, sent last night, so only 24 since I sent support request/problem description) As for audio, I did like the sound for a delta ... 
DAC failure?
It was always warm when I switched inputs to other dac, but never “hot”..  
DAC failure?
I am thinking it has to do with analog output stage, but, I am not an EE. Seems obvious, but, shrug.  
DAC failure?
Smsl su-10  
Synergistic Research Master Fuse £565
The microphonics from a metal knob just are not present with wooden knobs. The extra $3000 for those wooden knobs is absolutely justified.  
Synergistic Research Master Fuse £565
I saw a “quantum” fuse for sale.. wow.. must get second mortgage to get that..   seriously.. can anyone explain to me the purpose of a “dedicated power” system with huge awg, cost,marketing, all to feed a hair thin wire going through the fuse?... 
Is It OK to Use a 20amp Tripp Lite Isobar Surge Protector Suppressor Instead of a 15amp?
Pretty sure a 15 amp breaker should “trip” before the 20amp trip lite?..