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Driving me crazy
I can tell you that the SLP-94 and the SLP-98 sound significantly better than the VK-3i. The BAT is darker and not nearly as transparent or dynamic as either of the Carys.Oz 
Arm and cart for Spacedeck
As far as arms go, unless you are willing to spend big money in Graham territory, stick with the Spacearm. I have had the following arms on my Spacedeck:Rega RB600OL SilverBluenote BorgheseBluenote BorromeoSome of them definitely performed better ... 
Music Reference RM9 - user comments please
I used to have the 1.6/RM9 combo. The music reference drove the maggies superbly in my 16X26 room. The 1.6s have long been gone, but the RM9 is still the anchor in my system.Oz 
Full-function/Phono-only vs. Line + Phono Stage?
You can hardly go wrong with the Vinyl 1, but I may have some advice which would save you some $$. I just received my custom built K&K Audio preamp, which is the Art Audio Vinyl Reference + Stevens & Billington TVC. This unit was specially... 
Personal Preamp Evolution
McCormack Line DriveB&K Pro 10 MCAnthem Pre-1Audio Research LS3Pass Aleph LAudible Illusions Modulus 3ABAT VK 3iBAT VK 30Audible Illusions Modulus 3AJJ Electronics 243K&K Audio Custom preamp with phono using S&B TX102 for line stage(ju... 
Tube Pre Amp + Tube Phono Section
I recommend the JJ Electronics 243 tube preamp. It has a killer phono stage with adjustable loading and can handle cartridges as low as 0.3mV with no problems. It retails for $1995.00 but has a street price of around $1300.00. I have owned many re... 
Heavy Kit / Power Supply upgrade for Nottingham?
I have the Mat-1 on a Spacedeck and I love it. I also tried it on my buddy's Interspace with the same results. Improves dynamics and focus and just makes the whole presentation more involving.Oz 
Arm Differences ...... ,etc.
I thought you got rid of the Illustrious?On an unrelated note, what are your further thoughts on the Mat 1?Oz 
Which speaker is the master of IMAGING ????
Ok, you gonna keep us in suspense, or are you gonna tell us which two those are?Oz 
Small room and Montana SP3 or EPS Speakers?
Small correction. I meant to say that the DPS would probably work better, not the EPS. Montanas model numbers are confusing to say the least.Oz 
Small room and Montana SP3 or EPS Speakers?
I have the earlier version of the SP3, the SP2 Signatures. They are in a rather large room, 26X16. They sound great, but I'm not sure how they would behave in your smallish room. I think perhaps the EPS would be a better match. My SP2s have pretty... 
Used stock RB600 or new mod'd 250?
I agree with Twl. My old OL Silver beat the pants off my RB600, so I'd be willing to bet that a plain vanilla modded 250 from OL is still better than the 600.Oz 
Nottingham Audio Space Deck Review
I purchased a VPI SDS for my Spacedeck. After about a week it was pretty obvious that in my system it wasn't needed. Actually, on some material I preferred the table straight into the wall instead of the SDS. YMMV,Oz 
Best arm for a Nottingham Spacedeck?
First of all, let me thank Blcube for the kind words. It means a lot from such a purveyor of fine jazz as himself. And he has a superb system that has seen many changes as of late, all for the better.And Twl, my respect goes out to you. I did go t... 
Totem or B&W?
This is for Aram.How can you be so sure VMPS will beat both Totem and B&W? Have you even heard any of their speakers, or are you just speculating? My guess is the latter.Oz