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Small room and Montana SP3 or EPS Speakers?
I have the earlier version of the SP3, the SP2 Signatures. They are in a rather large room, 26X16. They sound great, but I'm not sure how they would behave in your smallish room. I think perhaps the EPS would be a better match. My SP2s have pretty... 
Used stock RB600 or new mod'd 250?
I agree with Twl. My old OL Silver beat the pants off my RB600, so I'd be willing to bet that a plain vanilla modded 250 from OL is still better than the 600.Oz 
Nottingham Audio Space Deck Review
I purchased a VPI SDS for my Spacedeck. After about a week it was pretty obvious that in my system it wasn't needed. Actually, on some material I preferred the table straight into the wall instead of the SDS. YMMV,Oz 
Best arm for a Nottingham Spacedeck?
First of all, let me thank Blcube for the kind words. It means a lot from such a purveyor of fine jazz as himself. And he has a superb system that has seen many changes as of late, all for the better.And Twl, my respect goes out to you. I did go t... 
Totem or B&W?
This is for Aram.How can you be so sure VMPS will beat both Totem and B&W? Have you even heard any of their speakers, or are you just speculating? My guess is the latter.Oz 
Used tube pre-amp around $1,000
You would do yourself an injustice if you did not investigate the JJ Electronics 243 preamp. Especially if you ever plan to add vinyl to your system. It is an excellent full featured preamp with MC capability and adjustable loading.www.jj-electron... 
New Steely Dan; Great Music w/ Surgical Precision
There is a thread on the Vinyl Asylum over at AA that confirms the vinyl availability. I can't get to the link right now, but check it out.Oz 
New Steely Dan; Great Music w/ Surgical Precision
You forgot to mention that it is also available on vinyl, which is surely the best way to listen to ANY Steely Dan.Oz 
Bat vk3i or audible illusions 3a
I have owned both the BAT with the phono card option and the Modulus 3a. The Modulus is the hands down winner sonically, for both the line and phono stages. The BAT, of course is more feature laden and user friendly. The fly in the ointment with t... 
Montana DPS?
I have a pair of SP2 Signatures which are a little larger. Yes, the Montanas are great speakers and do justice to any type of music. I haven't heard the DPS, but if they are anything like mine, I can understand why they wipe the floor with Vanders... 
Anyone had experince with J J Electronics?
I'm not sure if you are the same guy who emailed me, if so, disregard.I bought a JJ Electronics 243 preamp a few months ago and I am very happy with it. It has a very good MM/MC phono stage as well. I directly compared it to a Modulus 3A and a BAT... 
Does anyone have any impressions of Montana Spkrs?
I bought a used pair of SP II Signatures a couple of months ago and love 'em. Very substantial cabinet, excellent drivers and crossover components. They aren't the last word at the frequency extremes, but plenty satisfying for me.Oz 
Tice Audio Speaker, IC's & Power Cords Any Good ?
I used Tice ICs and speaker cables exclusively in my system until recently replacing everything with Luminous Audio products. The improvement was substantial, more like a component upgrade really. You owe it to yourself to check them out.Oz 
Brush/scrubbing ideas for VPI 16.5 record cleaner.
Check out the Disc Doctor record brushes @ http://www.discdoc.comI use his brushes and fluid in combination with a NG machine and this works great.Oz 
Best Looking components / your vote please
I want to add my vote for the JJ Electronics components. I just purchased the JJ 243 preamp, and it is stunning. The pictures don't do it justice. And it sounds pretty damn good too, which is always a plus.Oz