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Benchmark or McIntosh....
Room and components are still indicative of home theater. When you try to do both in one room, compromises will be made. And you have obviously compromised music for movies. No problem with that as long as you are ok with it.  
Benchmark or McIntosh....
I agree with @soix  The room looks like a joke. I guess it might be a good home theater situation. But serious music listening? Nah. With that in mind, just get the cheapest, most powerful amplifier you can find. It will be perfectly fine for expl... 
surface noise reduction
Soundsmith Carmen II  
New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan
As an early adopter of the X3s (now gone), I’m interested too. I guess I’ve been behind, I didn’t know Clayton left Spatial.  
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Which frequency to adjust if voices/mids give me a headache.
Treat your room and buy better front end equipment and amplification. Anything else is a band aid.        
question for Eminent Technology lft-8c and panel speaker owners
Paging @bdp24   
Burn in vs perception
I am still in the honeymoon stage with a new 300B amp. As of now I have about 40 hours on it. Last night I could clearly hear that something was different. The dynamics just opened up in a big way. The sound out of the box was very good, but maybe... 
Somewhat of an oxymoron - speaker stands for the floor for bookshelf speakers.
It's not always about looks. In some instances a monitor will be a better fit for a given room. And subs are easier to dial in when placed in a small(er) room than trying to position a full range speaker to achieve the same flat bass response.  
Help settle a streaming argument!
Streamers matter. I had an Allo Pi player and replaced it with a Node 2i. Sound quality suffered. Replaced the Node with a Lumin U-1 mini and it was much better.      
Somewhat of an oxymoron - speaker stands for the floor for bookshelf speakers.
Blue Tack   This is good for affixing speakers to stands.  
Aric Audio and my system
Congrats on the review Aric. This one is on my short list.        
Bob Robbins' setup guide
Bob who?  
What’s the most underrated used Audio Research gear?
The SP9 II & III were very good preamps that don't get mentioned often enough. Also the SP6 was great piece.  
replace Mid-range speaker of Green Mountain Audio Imago VI
Good luck with your search. I have owned several of Roy’s speakers, one being the Imago IV. Definitely worth repairing. I do know he was fond of Morel drivers.