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Wndows media player to Apple Itunes
Vegasears: As you say, Macs can read a PC-formatted hard drive--and that includes a lot of older Macs, not just the new Intels. But that's not Bodine's problem. His problem is that his music files are encoded in a Windows Media format, and iTunes ... 
Wndows media player to Apple Itunes
No, you won't be able to just plug your hard drive into a Mac and use iTunes. But there is software out there that should let you convert Windows Lossless files to Apple Lossless files. Check out dBpowerAMP Music Converter. 
restocking fees
We consumers tend to forget that both manufacturers and retailers know their business better than we do. If restocking fees are a bad idea, they'll learn it soon enough. But the fact that the practice seems to be growing suggests that they are lea... 
Cable INteracion Question
What could be causing this? Several things, but they all come down to one thing: The new IC is defective. Don't use it. Problem solved. 
help me build a system for $1200
The T amp is basically a minisystem amp. Your old NAD is worlds better. In fact, I'd recommend you keep the NAD (unless it's broken) and just buy a pair of good speakers for $1000 or so. You'll be getting much more bang for the buck. 
would B&W work with cheap japanese recievers?
Go ahead. Your receiver will be able to drive them just fine. As a general rule, it's better to upgrade speakers first, unless you've got a truly underpowered amp that won't be able to drive the speakers you want. Yamaha's power ratings tend to be... 
Do Cables Wear Out?
JPW: In other words, you have no idea how much "corrosion" a speaker cable would typically suffer over X years, and whether that corrosion would reduce conductivity enough to be audible. So your earlier statements were based on . . . what exactly?... 
Do Cables Wear Out?
I was trying to make the point that copper oxide, while not ever reaching 100% in an older cable, does have some significant deterioration of electrical characteristics, which are certainly audible.But you still haven't told us *how much* deterior... 
Do Cables Wear Out?
OK, JWP, tell us how much the measured resistance of 8 feet of 12 AWG speaker wire changes over 7 years. You've made the claim, and you've told us you have a LOT of experience, so show us what you've got. 
Do Cables Wear Out?
Jwpstayman: If you want to respond substantively to a question, you first need to pay attention to the question. He wasn't asking if cables degrade over time; everything in the universe degrades over time. He was asking if particle breakdown occur... 
contradictory communication
Of course these words mean 'something', its just that one has to work hard to ferret out the meaning being applied by each user. No difference between how people apply modifiers to audio or anything else.There's a big difference. If I put my hand ... 
contradictory communication
As should be obvious from this thread, none of these words mean anything. 
Audio Mags/A believer or skeptic?
The magazines are useful for keeping up with new stuff, as long as you remember that half of it is vaporware. I usually scan John Atkinson's measurements, because they (unlike subjective reviews) are something I can't do for myself. And I subscrib... 
Do Cables Wear Out?
I wonder if the original poster feels his question has been answered. 
This should be controversial....hearing tests...
Rcprince, implicit in my comment is that I don't pay much attention to other people's descriptions of sound, no matter how good their hearing is. If you do, I would suggest that the quality of their hearing should be the least of your worries.