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Need help moving from CDP to Mac Mini music server
First off, anything fed to the Benchmark DAC will sound as good as anything you can buy, so don't worry about sound quality. Or jitter, for that matter. The Benchmark can fix the worst bitstream you can throw at it.I would advise against the Airpo... 
This should be controversial....hearing tests...
Why should I care? Whatever I can hear, I hear. And I choose components based on what they sound like to me, not what they would sound like to me if I had better hearing. 
Plastic ring over tweeter opinion
Thanks, Zaikesman. I love the idea of sitting off-axis to your tweeter and putting your monitors closer to the floor to get more bass, and then snipping off the tweeter wave guide to get more treble. Gee, why dontcha just turn the freakin' volume ... 
Plastic ring over tweeter opinion
Removing the grill is often a good idea. (But it varies, so you need to try it both ways.) But snipping off the tweeter's wave guide? Giving advice like that goes beyond stupid, to the borders of venal. 
Do Cables Wear Out?
SPL: "Electron particle flow," whatever that is, does not cause cables to break down, or wear in any way. Neither, in general, does passing a current through a wire. If it did, you'd have to rip out all the wiring in your house every few years and... 
Technics Turntable question
If you know little about turntables, I'm guessing you also know little about setting up a cartridge. A mediocre cartridge, installed propery, will sound better than a great cartridge installed badly. That argues for buying locally, from a hi-fi sh... 
Will a Full Page Ad Guarantee a Review?
People are confusing reviewers and editors here. Most reviewers don't have any inside knowledge about advertising because they don't actually work for the magazine. Almost all reviews in the audio mags are done by freelancers. And those freelancer... 
the changing sound of compoents over time
Audio components change, whereas we, like Dorian Gray, remain the same forever. 
music frequency
Not sure you're right about middle C. Someone else will have to chime in on that one. But here are two charts that should answer your question about orchestras: 
What's wrong with a DVD player as a transport?
I'd like to hear from an engineer who could say why a dvd player won't work as well as a cd player for a transport though.Don't hold your breath. An engineer would tell you it doesn't matter what you use as a transport, as long as it can deliver t... 
minimze ambiguity when describing audio components
No, Mr. Tennis, it isn't that easy. You must, at the very least, find both a brass cymbal and a steel one, and listen to them over and over and over again until you can tell which is which without looking. Then and only then will you be qualified ... 
minimze ambiguity when describing audio components
describe the sound, instead of saying bright, say elevation in sound pressure in the range 1000 hz to 3000 hz. that is clear and specificIf that's what you want to know, fluffy verbal decriptions are not the right tool for the job. Meaure the thing. 
$100 Challenge: Build this system
Better earbuds for the iPod. 
The basics of PC audio
Not being an engineer, I may have expressed myself badly (and thanks to Steve for setting me straight), but I was responding to a question about how adding a DAC could reduce jitter coming from an Airport Express. Implicit in that question is the ... 
The basics of PC audio
I think it's true that there have been a few DACs made that did not reclock the data. This is what we call "defective by design." Reclocking data is how you eliminate jitter; it's a necessary step. And as I said, even the DACs in AV receivers do it.