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Clear Day Cables Speaker Cables
I agree that the Clear Day is a helluva of a cable for the money. Rok2id, stop being a prattling twat (borne out by many other posts of yours). 
Album Of The Year 2011
Two come to mind:Beach Boys - Smile. To finally hear what might have possibly been. Excellent sound on LP.Destroyer - Kaputt. A post-modern nod to the 80s with a delightfully well conceived holistic soundscape. The vinyl edition features excellent... 
Material Selection for Vibration Damping
Aside from upgrading to a Minus K or Halcyonics platform, what is it you wish to gain from changing the stand beneath your Vibraplane? While I'm not dismissing the possible sonic changes in regard to a stand, from an isolation standpoint, you're o... 
How long it take before your system/amps sound
About 45-60 minutes for the amp to come up to optimum performance, and around an album side for the cartridge to warm up. 
Best Vibraplane Compressor Substitute?
It's really about the noise generated. The supplied Jun-Air compressor makes a 'click' when it kicks on, but when running you can barely hear it; there's a reason it's used in dental offices. But you are correct - air is air, and if you can live w... 
Can Vandy's get along with cats?
"Banana scented insense in the listening room? "Yup, now you're thinking...Seriously though, after being owned by many cats, the one consistency I've noticed is their dislike of bananas. Try it. 
Can Vandy's get along with cats?
Quite true, some cats don't mind citrus at all. If you really want to disgust a cat, peel a banana in front of them. They give you this horrified look like, "I can't believe you'd eat something so repulsive".Sounds like a marketing idea waiting to... 
Different Results between Record Cleaning Machines
In the future, you may want to consider using O-ring lubricant which is silicone based. Vaseline, or any type of petroleum derived product will eventually break down natural rubber seals, gaskets and the like. 
Vibraplane: Should it be loaded close to limit?
Peter,Thanks for your detailed experimentation and findings. 
Turntable speed accuracy
Downunder,Yup, that will irk you. Alas, that's a fine example of a poorly designed drive system; there's a reason the SDS was developed and that goes back to the AC mains. Trying to accurately derive 33.3 RPM using a crude phase shifting capacitor... 
Turntable speed accuracy
Don,You are simply wrong. Stylus drag will slow down any turntable, regardless of platter weight; it merely changes the period over which it occurs due to inertia. And yes, the 60Hz mains supply does fluctuate enough to be completely problematic. ... 
On a mission for more BASS
I completely concur with Cathode. This sounds like a room acoustics issue. Dimensions would be very helpful, as well as where you and your speakers are positioned within the space. Subtle positional shifts (less than an inch) can make profound dif... 
Best Rock Album in 2011
I have always enjoyed Tool and A Perfect Circle - I think Aenima is my personal favorite; I have the original LP and it sounds tremendous for a modern rock recording.Latest items of interest:Megafaun - S/T Siskiyou - Keep Away The DeadI keep comin... 
Vibraplane: Should it be loaded close to limit?
The one on ebay looks ancient! I think $100 is optimistic for a shipping price, as you'd need to use a freight carrier. Thanks Dertonarm, good to know. Cheers!-Richard 
Vibraplane: Should it be loaded close to limit?
Dan, Indeed the Vibraplane uses a type of air spring which I think contributes significantly to its excellent horizontal isolation; they are not mere bladders, or else I'd just do the inner tube trick and be done. The compressor has a regulator an...