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pro-ject speed box 2 , all they say it is ?
The Speedbox has a maximum output of around 3 watts I believe; the Lenco motor looks substantially larger than a typical 3 watt motor. 
break-in--bane or boon ??
Sorry Donjr, but I'll be happy to demonstrate cable break-in with my Audiodharma Cable Cooker any time you'd like. The difference isn't subtle. 
B&K amp parts source
Sorry, I thought you were looking for the older type - they were easy: three discreet blade connectors from the transformer, pop the switch out and away you go.Given the nature and location of your switch, it's most likely soldered right to the ci... 
B&K amp parts source
I've replaced several of these. Any national electronics supply house has them - DigiKey, Mouser, Newark, etc. There's nothing special about them, just your standard lighted power switch that costs around $4. Try this link: 
Moving across country with over 1000 LP's
Be sure NOT to use Home Depot small moving boxes which look perfect: 12x12x16. They are exactly 12x12, and LPs don't fit. Go to a moving company (like United or U-Haul) and get theirs, which are 12 3/4 x 12 3/4. That three-quarters of an inch make... 
Wish List of LPs to be re-released
kd Lang - IngenueNusrat Fatah Ali Khan - the rest of the Real World albums never released on LPRichard Thompson - the early 90's albums, especially Mirror Blue and You Me UsClutch - Elephant Riders (metal, but all analog mixed to a 1/2" deParavici... 
2012 Discoveries
Alt-J 'An Awesome Wave' (LP). Trippy, funky, harmonious. From the UK . 
How many with analog rigs only?
I'm strictly all vinyl. I've got a couple hundred CDs that I need to dispose of to make room for more records. 
Has anyone tried Wave Kinetics A10 U-8 footers
Have any of you folks tried the Wave Kinetics 2NS loudspeaker footers? I'm curious as their effectiveness compared with something like Stillpoint SS Ultras, or the Track Audio decoupling spikes. 
Need advice on how to sound insulate my room
Just to clarify Soix's comment - Green Glue is not the same as liquid nails. Green Glue is designed to attenuate vibration and sound by remaining in a permanent semi-viscous state unlike liquid nails which hardens (cures) completely. The differenc... 
Need advice on how to sound insulate my room
Dtc is on the right track - to stop everything down to about 500Hz, another layer of drywall (preferably 5/8"), with copious amounts of Green Glue would be a good start. Sound is like light, and if you seal up your listening space, you can achieve... 
Granit amp stands are they killing my sound?
Hi Dave,Yup, under the Galibier. I ditched by sandbox in favor of a mass-loaded active Vibraplane. I'm using two sheets of 3/4" aluminum on top of the Vibraplane for mass loading to get within the optimum range of effectiveness, or around 250 lbs.... 
Granit amp stands are they killing my sound?
Peter,You shouldn't need to locate the compressor in the basement (if you're going to use a compressor like the Jun-Air). My Vibraplane's compressor is so quiet, it sits out in the listening room, no more than a few feet from my listening position... 
Best beer
As an IPA fan, I just tried the recently released Hoptimum from Sierra Nevada: 10.4%/100 IBU. Mighty tasty (if you like DFH 90-minute, you would adore this beer). I am also a fan of 3 Floyds products, but they're virtually impossible to get here o... 
PA Speakers for Parties
JBL Eon series. Built like a brick sh**house, and sound pretty damn good to boot. They are nearly indestructible, unless you do something really foolish. That said, be nice to your neighbors and don't torture them with throbbing bass until 2am. Re...