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Question: What are some of your best pieces of advise to someone new to the hobby?
Take your time.  It's a journey, not a destination.  
Recommendations for 7 channel amp
McIntosh MC207 (used) ?  
Active Speakers - Anything new coming?
Sonus Faber just released their Duetto’s. If they sound as great as they look, they should be a home run.       
Pairing with LS50 for whole home audio
If you have a Bluesound Node then you would just add onto it in the other rooms with Bluesound Powernodes. You can also do a similar idea with Sonos using a Port and Sonos Amps, which cost a little bit less than Bluesound.   
Preamp has too much gain
Hopefully after 16 years, he was able to figure it out.   
Adding a power trigger to an amp that doesn't have one
For the unit I mentioned, you would leave the amplifier turned on and plugged into the DigiKey piece. As show in the description, there is a trigger located on the side of it that is activated by any small AC or DC voltage up to about 30V. You wou... 
Adding a power trigger to an amp that doesn't have one
Here you go: 
? about Smoking Power Amp
About 3 months ago I had to document an equipment fire at work. It was an older, but high-quality, multichannel amplifier. It did catch fire in the rack and destroyed the new surround processor directly above it, the new Parasound amplifier below ... 
Foot Fall
Is it on carpet?  
Need a new Class AB SS integrated...$2-3k due to hurricane
How about a Rotel RA-1572?  I have its predecessor, the 1570 in my office system and it’s fantastic for me.  I originally bought the 1570 as a stop-gap after I sold my McIntosh integrated and I actually love its sound more.  I now use it as a prea... 
2nd system for office, all-in-one integrated suggestions
What about a hybrid solution like the Heaven 11 Billie?  
Recommendation Request for Tube Power Amplifier
Depending on the seating distance from the speakers and how loud you listen, I'd look for something that is at least 20wpc. I have a little 5wpc tube amp and with my 91dB rated speakers at about 8' away and I get plenty of volume for my office sy... 
Speaker that are 'KEEPERS" for the long haul!!!
^^  Agreed.   I understand some speaker and gear designs are functionally great, but they are either ugly or boring.  I can't look at that every day, no matter how good they perform.  
Is My Tube Amp Unfixable? Help Needed
Is the issue apparent almost immediately after power up, or does it take a while for it to start acting up?   I had a somewhat similar issue with my little tube amp recently and it turned out to be a solder point on one of the resistors, inside.... 
Listen to a CD or LP in showroom?
I would just call ahead to the various dealers that you plan on visiting and tell them you want to bring your own CD's and LP's.  This way, they can move some CD transports and turntables around as needed in anticipation of your arrival.