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Is it time that Klipsch Heritage marketing a subwoofer?
With todays driver and amplifier tech with dsp, a dual-opposed 15” arrangement in a sealed enclosure wrapped in matching veneers to compliment the Heritage line would be a winner and marketable, imo.   
Small satellite speakers
Used and ultra compact:  NHT SuperZero Infinity Modulus era (Peachtree) D4    
Mini Bluetooth speaker for outdoors... recommendation-seeker...
I was going to suggest the Marshall Emberton. I have one in my garage and it’s great. But not for $50.    For $50, I’d just look for something used on CL or FB Marketplace near you.   
thiel cs 2.2 muffle sounding and very low treble
Hopefully after 2 years he figured it out.   
odd question about stand-mount speakers
Dynamic is correct. You can end up with a giant suckout or a boosted area in the frequency response where the 2 drivers interact due to their design and the crossover design.   
Phoenix and Tucson Record Shops?
My favorite was The In Groove. I liked how organized it was, the large selection and that they sold vintage and new gear there. A newbie could walk in with nothing and a short time later come out with a respectable rig and some vinyl to get goin... 
The Amazing Purifi Speaker Drivers ! Major-Breakthrough
Thanks to Paul McGowan
Badhippie, it’s easy…..everything is racist now. Didn’t you know?  
Integrated Amp Shopping Decisions
Just a touch over your budget would be the Rotel RA-1572mkii. I have the 1570 I bought as a stop-gap piece a while back and it turned out to be way better than I thought it would.  I really enjoy it.   
Martin Logan Descent i Subwoofer Not Working
It might be cheaper and easier just to purchase another one rather than looking for all those parts and doing the repair.   
LOUDEST Concert and Tinnitus
OzzFest 97. My ears rang for a week afterwards.    I had a pit ticket so I was right by the stage for most of the day with the exception of Pantera. I let a buddy use my ticket when they were on and I was on the lawn dodging bodies from the crowd... 
How to trigger gear that doesn't have a trigger port (?)
I have a Belkin unit as shown above but there should be others on the market with 3.5mm/ 1/8” input trigger ports to control one of its outlets. Something like this from Panamax or another from a cheaper mfr:          
Turntable channel imbalance
I had this happen to me a while back and found that one of the conductors from the tonearm to the output terminal was failing, making that channel much quieter than the other. I installed a new wire and all was fine.   
Upgrade to McIntosh
Your local dealer might let you demo them in your home before purchase.   
bose 901 and i pod
It’s possible the EQ needs servicing. It’s somewhat common and there are a couple of places around the US that can service/ rebuild them.