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Need Help identifying late husbands Stereo components Infinity Beta speakers
you may want to contact Harry at Audio Dimensions in Birmingham, Michigan.He has been there 40 yrs and is a good guy I am not sure if he would be willing to help but may be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck and my condolences  
Has anyone considered rebuying a speaker you once owned??
yes original Quads...DOH!!! 
NAD 3020 or C326BEE Integrated? Help me choose.
I have owned a 3020 and 325BEE and the 3020 is thick and has limited extension at the freq extremes not to mention less detail in comparisonthe 3020 is smooth/euphonic but I would not recommend it in this case. 
Best budget integrated choices
I second the Marantz PM 8003, I own the PM 8004 and it is terrific. 
$500 USB cable
I have compared usb cables and find there is a difference in sound. I am guessing you could find a cable as good as the one you mention for less. I mean what are the odds a short usb cable could actually be worth that amount? just guessing here bu... 
interconnects vs speaker cables vs power cords - which make the biggest difference?
impossible to answer imo but you may get some good pointers along the way! 
Think twice before concluding some thing sounds better
I have found my attention goes to a different spot with a new piece of gear and objective thinking out the window, expectations and justifications obscure truth so install new piece and try to forget about it, you will know... 
Speaker choice advise requested...
beernutgood to know, I just wanted to eliminate that variable.fwiw I never heard a Tannoy I didn't like and never heard a Klipsch I did like...limited exposure to either admittedly...good luck 
Speaker choice advise requested...
I recommend Sound Anchor or Mye stands (if you do not have already). I recently bought a pair of MG12 with Sound Anchor stands and I can not believe the SQ improvement over the factory stands.I now consider them mandatory with Maggies.fyi, my two ... 
Wilson Audio Haters
seems like most people drive Wilson speakers with ss amplifiers but they sound so much better with tubes which would help the approval ratingsall imo of course 
Best Cheap Amps for Magneplanar Speakers
I have a Marantz PM8004 (stereo integrated) with my SMGa's and it has terrific dynamic range, beautiful tone and powerful, defined bass.It seems to be a perfect match... 
Entry Level Interconnect Reccomendations
another vote for Belden 8402 - very musical 
which TV audio out? headphone mini jack or optical, thru adapter to RCA input on amp?
After 4 days the Fiio D03K is starting to come into it's own and sounding pretty good with a nice open quality and decent clarity.Thanks again tls49! 
which TV audio out? headphone mini jack or optical, thru adapter to RCA input on amp?
thanks for the help jebe1 
which TV audio out? headphone mini jack or optical, thru adapter to RCA input on amp?
theo, my integrated amp is a Marantz PM8004, it has all analog RCA inputstls49, exactly the info I needed thank you bothPhil