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Rogue Cronus Magnum ll with Harbeth 7 speakers
in my experience the 8 ohm tap will be a bit fuller sounding and the 4 ohm tap will have a bit tighter bass 
Preparing for Montreal Jazz Fest, who would you want to see live?
If this kid plays there again go see him, amazing!Joey Alexander 
Omega, Harbeth, JM Reynaud, ad Skylan
I am jealous!  Thanks for the update, Omega Super Alnico Monitors look terrific and the single driver technology has some great benefits. One question, what is the height of the speaker stand?  
my experience with the ML383 and Maggie 1.6 was grainy and 2 dimensionalymmv fwiw 
Tannoy vs. ATC
" The amps also have sentimental value and I would like to use them." as far as I am concerned this is your answer... 
Unlikely New Gem...ELO
I presume this is the title:Jeff Lynne's ELO - Alone in the Universe 
tube vs SS my own little test
any tube gear I have owned sounds fine after 15 minutes 
Has anyone used an Audioquest Jitterbug?
I tried one on my old Dell computer running Window XP with Focal XS2.1 speakers, my computer gave an error message about software and I got no sound at all so I returned it. 
Sound Quality of Direct TV audio
thanks Hgeifman I will look for the PCMDbphd the Outlaw unit does not support HDMI 
Sound Quality of Direct TV audio
I am such a dummy! I forgot my Outlaw Audio receiver has a usb input but I ran a cable from my Genie unit to the receiver and no sound!I checked all the obvious things...any ideas to help me?thanks 
Sound Quality of Direct TV audio
mine does not have analog outputs, specifically: RCA jacks 
Sound Quality of Direct TV audio
Zd542 I presumed he had an older unit 
Sound Quality of Direct TV audio
the current DirecTV does not use RCA outputs at all, only digital 
Your favorite recent discovery
thanks Rja I really like Jan Garbarek and Pat Metheny as well 
Bottlehead Crack
It looks like you get a lot with the BeePre for $1175.00. I have never seen 300B tubes in a preamp. I do not know much about this stuff but I am guessing it is way over built so it cruises along easily handling all signals.Everything I have read a...