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It really comes to something when a brand as iconic as Gibson Guitars cant stay afloat!
High End is Dead?
Classical is better than JOHNNY WINTER? Yer readin' the wrong books.  
Full-Range to Monitors
I went to Lipinski L707's. Great sound, but I needed 2 subs and I don't like subs. Want big sound you need big speakers and drivers. When I sold them and my subs I used Wilson Witt II's for 3 years, and now run Legacy Whispers. No need for subs ev... 
Macintosh preamp cabinet?
try audio classics. in ny. 
Enough power to drive my speakers?
Check your in box.  
Shipping heavy speakers
I used freight guard to ship Wilson Witt II's from Fl to Az. Make sure you have the crates, guts and plastic jackets (to cover the speakers with) put them on a pallet, strap them down and put shrink wrap around them as many times as you can. If th... 
Carver C-4000
see the 2 rows of 3 buttons? push the bottom right for power. I hope the pre works, it's a nice one.  
Opinions on Cary CAD120s MK2
I just traded in my Cad 120s with upgraded caps and hexfreds and used it with a Cary SLP98P pre amp. It drove all speakers very well including Wilson Witt series II and my current Legacy Whispers HD speakers (without the built in amps) I only trad... 
My Cary SLP-98L preamp....
I'm doing the same with my SLP98P Getting Mundorf caps and one of the main out wires resoldered.. I was running a CAD 120;s amp but got an absolute steal on a pair of Canary M 350 monoblocks. The SLP98 pre's are under rated. Best of luck.  
Do I have to brand match preamp and amp?
No, you don't have to match brands as long as there are no impedance mismatches. I just traded in a Cary CAD 120's hooked up to a Cary SLP 98P pre for a pair of Canary M350 monoblocks and my Legacy Whispers HD never sounded so great, and they were... 
Changing Resistors on Wilson Audio Sasha 2 Speakers
Check your in box.  
If you're looking into a DBX get the 14/10. You get 8 half octaves 1 3/4 octave and 5 full octaves. You'll want the mic to use the pink noise generator.  
Tube Matching...
Thanks Jond, I'm told this pure class A amp should drive my Legacy Whisper HD's very nicely.  
Thanks lak, I keep the ic's  pc's and cables off the floor and use a semi suspension pARTuclar rack . Thanks to all.  
I'll get a couple more blocks and stack them later on. I can't wait to hear the 300b class A amps. I'll check out those brass points or maybe use roller blocks on one lever and fat pads on the other. Thanks again.