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Very Bad purchase from upscale audio Acoustic Zen Adagio
Did you use pay pal with a credit card attached? If so your CC Co. makes the final decision. Escalate the matter with pay pal under not as described and they will put the sellers account into a negative and you should get a refund. Let them know y... 
Anybody dealt with HigherFi.com?
Open your in box.  
Best $500 System?
A Linn Classik with a pair of SB 1 Klipsch speakers. You can always add an amp or a couple of subs later. AM, FM. CD. and you can run an I pod throught it, and xm radio. All future add ons. Make sure to get one with a remote so you can use the ala... 
Why no tube loaner/testdrives--It's hard being an audiophile
 Tubes are easy on me. I speaker roll. Talk about a backbreaker.   
Audiogon Anti-Lowball Offer setting
I string them along for weeks, like as soon as I get back from vaca, or wait till the ad expires. Maybe I'll take an even lower offer if the item does not sell. A few bucks is one thing but lowballing is BS.  
They Almost Never Quote A Price , Why?
Orpheus 10 I could if I wanted to. It's cash, not a budget. I did my budgeting a long time ago. Whether I buy 100K speakers or not has nothing to do with why prices are not shown up front. I like to know what the cost is first. Just because I can,... 
They Almost Never Quote A Price , Why?
I call after hours and leave a message to get a price that the dealer can leave on my phone message then call back if I feel the cost is worth it to me.  I can buy 100K speakers, but I still want to know the price, or I won't even bother with that... 
Up to $4500 burning a hole in my pocket
Geoffkait  make an offer. lower US only.  
Up to $4500 burning a hole in my pocket
Check out the Wilson Witt Series II on the bay I could make you a good deal on. I need zip for shipping.  
Is It Safe to Warm Up Power Amps Without Speakers Attached
How old of McIntosh SS stereo anp
The 7270 was a great amp. I bought a new one in 1990 ran it for 20 years and it needed nothing when I sold it. Good luck.  
Wilson Audio Haters
I think Wilsons look fine. Love the sound and will be buying Alexia's The only reason I'll be selling my mint Witt II's is due to moving into the ex's 44x20x8 room. The Witt II's sound as good as the Sophias and up to WP6 then the 7's and up start... 
The dumbest stereo experience ever!
Call him back. If his wife answers leave her a message offering 8 grand for it back and for her to have him call you. Remind her of the shoe sale this weekend in her area. Then don't answer your phone.  
If I'm looking for "Tube Sound", why would I put a Tube Pre in front of a SS amp?
Want great tube sound? You'll need good speakers and a good tube  amp and tube preamp. When matched right, the AMP will make the biggest difference in sound. If you like tube sound, you may not go back to SS.  
Mcintosh MA6700 Intebrated Amp frontage glass panel
Try audio classics Best of luck.