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P2P renting of hi-fi and hi-end audio - what do you think?
Why not let us know how you were scammed, and who it was that scammed you?  
Best-sounding tabletop audio w/ digital tuner and aux in?
Get a used Linn Classik with the Tuner. You have AM, FM, CD Player, you can hook up an XM Radio thru the Aux Input, Playback an I Pod thru the Tape Input, hook up 2 Powered Subs thry the Pre Outs or a more powerful amp if you want, it also has a c... 
Beware of PayPal fees
The other charges are the conversion rates changing currency. 3 to 4% is the part you should be concerned with. What a rip off. 
Richard Gray and Transparent: compatible?
I have the RG 600S (replaced a Nordost QB4) and it works just fine.  
Am I too cynical?
I was very lucky to have purchased a new in the box pair a few years ago for 1500.00 I sold them for around 1750.00 or so a year later. They are a very nice sounding speaker with SS or Tubes. You may need a sub with certain types of music, but eit... 
Outrageous used pricing on older McIntosh
Some of the older Mac equipment goes up. I had the 7270 for 18 years, and got almost what I paid for it less inflation. Comparing the MR 78 to my current Magnum Dynalab MD 90 Tube. The MD is the better choice. You have to be patient when looking f... 
Thanks to all who have helped me in my quest for excellent sound.
Thanks for your advise and help about the Wilson Witt II's a couple of years back. They sound fantastic. Merry Christmas, and hope you'll check in once in a while. Happy listening.  
Mint Tractor / Protractor for SME IV arm
I used the Mint and it was hard to see things, but it worked fine on my LP 12. You clean the surface with lighter fluid.  
Keep or sell
Finally got the Richard Gray 600s. Works very nicely, so I'll get the QB8 then sell the QB4 on ebay. Thanks to all. 
Why are people always getting into pissing matches because they think what they have is better
Maybe it's because TUBES are better than SS. 
Help needed for isolation under the power amps
Call Peter at Symposium, you can use roller blocks or fat pads. I use Svelte Plus with fat pads (4¬†) under the amp and(3) under the¬†preamp and roller blocks (3) under the tuner cd player and (4) under the turntable. (2) fat pads under a Nordost QB... 
New Forum Format Sucks
I agree. The new one sucks. 
Need Tube Preamp Warmth
A tube AMP is what you will need. Along with a tube pre. 
Best near wall high end speaker
If you can go 9 inches from the back wall Linn Majik 140's are good sounding for the price. Way less than you have to spend. 
Gene Simmons says the rock business is dead
Tell him to get a haircut and get a real job