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Question about MH-770 Ultralinear II speaker cable
@windowsx . May I ask reason your changing DMA 180?  
TAS. The Absolute Sound?
@ghdprentice . Agreed 👍🏻   
Absorption of digital hash
Thanks for all helpful responses. I don't have a problem I have an Oppo 205 and thought if this material is good enough for Berkeley it's probably goid enough for Oppo. I have no complaints with my Oppo.   
Shure Bulletin (written in 1954)
@elliottbnewcombjr . Thank you for this lovely reminder. FWIW. I appreciate the LAST products. Hope they remain available.  Michael Percy Audio offers them; and he's been wonderful to many buyer. Very free with his knowledge.  Helped me considerab... 
Turntable prices. Is my mind going?
@drbond . Perspective  ..  25MM car;  few hundred thousand not so bad  ;)  
Dd67000 crossover points?
I distinctly remember a very unique "sensation" - that was more than sound- when going into a Jazz venue in Seattle back in early 80's.  Big venue, high ceilings, horns and cymbals full tilt. Exciting.  Perhaps Erik is right- skin picks up those e... 
TAS. The Absolute Sound?
@jbmac75 .  Love it. Music that is. Right on! And other superlatives...  
Good small/single outlet power conditioner for preamp.
@erik_squires   Hey, what about Equitech 2Q. Ok it's more than he wants- but Furman is also sizeable  :)  
TAS. The Absolute Sound?
@jasonbourne71 . Here's a footnote from Archimago-- "Abso--- So--d even declared MQA “better than Hi-Res!” on an issue cover and the editor Robert Harley even states that “MQA is the most significant audio technology of my lifetime.” Gotta love ... 
Absorption of digital hash
This is the comment from Mr. Harleys' review of the Dac 3. I'd like to know the material. "When I removed the Alpha 3’s top panel, I noticed a square of material above the digital-to-analog conversion section, just as in the Reference. This ultra... 
Stolen property
@roxy54 .  Here is my 'question'. How to confirm speakers not stolen. I did not say anything was stolen..  
Absorption of digital hash
Material was added under top plate.  
Absorption of digital hash
@greg_f . In a review of Alpha Reference mention of "material" added to absord radiated digital noise, nothing complicated.  
Is Bill Thalman man still working on Conrad Johnson's?
RIP Bill. I appreciated your knowledge, talent and well-mannered communication. I will miss being able to reach out to you.  
Absorption of digital hash
@erik_squires . Like to improve my Oppo 205 without any upgrades. Just read about Berkeley as I'm considering dac upgrade ( or Spectral spinner). Still love disc movies on my Sony 4k. Mu metal for transformer 'may' be interesting. I'm just getting...