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Are any of you going to the Canadian GP at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
Wish I could; would be nice to meet you. I subscribe to F1 and will enjoy on my 65" Sony OLED via ROKU. The best I can manage and will enjoy it thoroughly. Amazing season so far. Bad luck for Leclerc with the same for Hamilton with a serious dose ... 
Thought on Spectral Audio's future?
@mijostyn . What gave you those ideas?  Please back up your derogatory comments. I'm all "ears" :)  
Oppo service
With that, Oppo is an example of quality and class. I'm happy with my 205.  
Factory service for products from the 90's
I'm not looking for restoration for marketability; just continued enjoyment of good equipment I  like the sound of.  
MIT Cables new "Articulation Control Console" $45.000 for speaker cables?
Hey, what's $50,000 for speaker cables on a $500,000,000 yacht.... Peanuts :)  
New Opera Website- Excellent.
Opera Europa. Fab for Opera lovers.    
Factory service for products from the 90's
Glad to hear it laps !  
Cheap hearing aids?
I ended up buying a higher end Phonak. After audiologist adjustments I'm very satisfied :)  Certainly the best hi fi upgrade I could make..  
Why phase reverse switch only works when cold?
Thanks guys. Taking to a local tech shop for checkout of relays. Fingers crossed.  
Factory service for products from the 90's
Interesting. Some of these Top Line products were advertised as a lifetime product. I find the 90's seem like yesterday :)  
How to check relays in a preamp?
@petg60 . What do you expect would be cost to check out all relays on a preamp?    
Factory service for products from the 90's
Even for "top of the line"  Mark Levinson, LAMM, ARC and Spectral amps and pre's? What do you feel repairs will cost. What are hourly rates?  
Avalon Acoustics reputation
@petaluman . I agree with you. I believe there may be other small "boutique" exceptional quality manufacturers may be heading that way as Founders or chief technologist age out of working life. Any come to your mind?   
Avalon Acoustics reputation
It's disappointing. Their website indicates great products, and I heard a demo sound excellent, but this reputation puts me off. I also noticed another well known reviewer 'doubting' the perfection they claimed for their Tesseract. I did a double ... 
Install Quality IEC input on Nak Dragon