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If you could bring back one great artist that has
My wife says Scott Joplin! 
Snow Leopard and audio quality
Let me rephrase my question better: Do I remove everything from my iMac including the operating system? I am only using 17.1 GB on the Mac HD currently which must include the OS. So if I remove everything, will Snow Leopard (10.6.8 ?) take care of... 
Snow Leopard and audio quality
So if I do a clean install of Snow Leopard I have to back up everything in the computer. When I download all the stuff back into the computer after installing Snow Leopard, what happens to my OSX 10.5.8? Does it go back in as well and then needs t... 
Center channel for esoteric mg-20's
Yetis: Sorry, I misread your post - you are not using Magnapan 20.1s So my reply doesn't count. 
Center channel for esoteric mg-20's
I have been using a Maggie MG CC3 center channel with excellent results. 
Best Cables for around $500
Ronwills: IMO "Best" threads rarely result in anything other than a host of people suggesting that you use what they have. There is no definitive "best" answer. You have been looking at some very good cable selections yourself (1-7) so I'm thinkin... 
Is Pure Music 1.8 better?
Yes, I had similar results - much better but apparently I cannot play the Integer option either. That really doesn't bother me much. what I have noticed however is that poor recordings are now even worse!! 
Which Amarra Should I get for AIFF Exclusively?
Herman: No I did not have the hybrid memory box checked. Just did, so I'll see tonight how that works. Thanks, 
iMac Combo Headphone/Optical Out Port Cable
My system works well with the Toslink to mini-Toslink cable set-up. I had a custom length made to fit my needs. There are several companies that will do that for you. If you want to go dirt cheap just get the Toslink cable of choice and slip on on... 
Using a voltage regulator
and finally . . .I wrote to Krell to ask about putting voltage regulators on the FBP 350 monos. Their reply - don't do it. The amps can handle the higher voltage, in fact the VR would have a current limiting effect on the amps which could hinder t... 
Using a voltage regulator
One last thought for those that are wondering - the monoblock amps are NOT running through the APC (hence the voltage regulator). I think they can handle the higher voltages - to a point.Any further thoughts are welcome. 
Using a voltage regulator
OK! The verdict is in! I hooked up one of my voltage regulators in between the wall and the APC. According to the APC it is putting out a steady 118-119V to the APC. SQ you ask? Can't tell the difference. My peace of mind? Much better.I have left ... 
Using a voltage regulator
That's what I was thinking also. Anybody else? 
M2Tech HiFace - using it? Like it?
Blindjim: Pure Music is a software download that replaces that part of iTunes that plays back the music. All other aspects of iTunes remains intact. You have two playback options with Pure Music - 1. playback directly off of your HD source or 2. "... 
Using a voltage regulator
Mceljo: What you have is what I need. That is exactly how my other regulators work on the computers, etc. Going back to my original thought - if a voltage regulator reduced the high voltage spikes back to 110V BEFORE sending the power on to the AP...