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AC Power - two circuits better than one?
Salmonsc: Thanks for this thread - I never realized this issue could arise. Without taking over your thread I would like to ask your respondents to comment on my situation - similar to yours.I have 4 dedicated 20 amp circuits for the equipment inc... 
Noisy External HD
Almarg: Thank you for that input - I was not aware of any of that. The noise is not a fluctuating seek noise but rather a steady loud whirring noise that diminishes with time (maybe 15-20 minutes). It reminds me of an automobile starting in cold w... 
Noisy External HD
Magfan: What software update did you use? 
Noisy External HD
I appreciate the suggestions. Since I just spent almost $200 on two new WD (Caviar Black) HDs for the Cavalry unit I want to figure out a solution other than buying new ones again. It may come to that nonetheless! 
confused on audio file formats
4est is right - use AIFF 
Perfect sound Now what?
HAHA! Good response Onhwy61 
Noisy External HD
The rubber washer idea is worth a try. It does get quieter after about 20 minutes by itself but still not enough to satisfy me. There is no fan so it must be the HD's themselves in which case rubber mounts could be a solution. Thanks for the idea. 
I am at the end of my rope, please help
Is this a new development or has the problem been present since the beginning? 
Do you listen alone or with guest s
Alone! It makes me edgy to listen with others because first, I'm concerned that they may not like the music and are just being polite and second, it seems that most folks want to talk during the music session and obviously could care less about th... 
Macbook to USB to which one?
FWIW I use the M2Tech Hiface to convert USB to SPDIF. I'm no techno man but for reasons unknown to me it works wonders! Note: I go from an iMac to a Krell processor. The M2 Tech is the best "go between" that I am aware of. 
Origins of the word Amarra
6550c Thank you for a sane response. I thought the idea at least was rather interesting but it did not seem to draw any intelligent feedback. 
100v mono blocks in series on 200v w/o transformer
Could it be that you are referring to a pair of 100 WATT monos instead of VOLTS?I ask only because my monos are rated at 350 Watts (@ 8 ohms) each and are plugged safely into 20 amp dedicated circuits. I never knew you had to concern yourself with... 
M2Tech HiFace - using it? Like it?
Curbfeeder:That is a solid recommendation given your experience with these things. My Modded HiFace got toasted in an electrical storm a few weeks ago because I was not smart enough to plug it into a surge protector. Now, John Kenny is sending me ... 
Best Way to Organize Audiophiles' Lives and PCs
One other thought - We have about 800 DVDs that are stored in two Sony carousel type DVD players. They don't play particularly well BUT but they do make excellent storage facilities for the DVDs. You just dial up your choice from a written record,... 
Best Way to Organize Audiophiles' Lives and PCs
I agree with Notec. Once the CDs are on the HD they are in large plastic tubs and stored away. Of course DVD's and LPs are different - you need them for playback. The only things on my desktop are the Calvalry Ext. HD, iMac, M2Tech Hiface, pair of...