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Using a voltage regulator
I guess what I am looking for is the ability to energize my equipment at a reasonable voltage level without having the APC constantly reverting to battery back-up. It wouldn't take long to run out of battery if the monos, et al were in full swing.... 
M2Tech HiFace - using it? Like it?
Well a year after my OP here I am not using the M2 Tech. The first one got fried in a lightening storm (my fault for leaving it unprotected) and the second one didn't seem to work at all. Never could get my Mac to accept the drivers after the firs... 
Using a voltage regulator
Mceljo: Yes, that is what I have but in order to regulate the voltage you set low and high voltage parameters. When the voltage crosses those parameters the alarm sounds, the power is shut off and the battery back-up activates. So by definition th... 
Need Help in having Itunes Tag 1 Tb of lssless Wav
OOPS! Sorry Larry-s - meant to say I agree with Herman! 
Need Help in having Itunes Tag 1 Tb of lssless Wav
Agree with Larry_s: iTunes is a great way to organize a library and Pure Music, for the relatively inexpensive cost, is a great sonic upgrade. My library is AIFF all the way. Like so many other posts, this comes down to personal preference. If you... 
Which Amarra Should I get for AIFF Exclusively?
PM will play gapless unless you play through its memory feature. In that case it takes a moment for the track to load. At least that has been my experience. 
Numbskull Headphone Tweak
Obviously he is not one for social interaction. A lot of younger generation folks today are totally engaged in their headsets, blackberries, PCs, facebook, You Tube, etc.,etc. leaving little room for any meaningful face-to-face interaction with th... 
Magneplanar 1.6 QR's problem
Do your Maggies have a magnetic strip on the back that stabilizes the ribbons during shipment? If that strip is not carefully removed you will be getting diminished sound quality. I know from personal experience!! 
Please help, single input, multiple outputs
It sounds like you want to put multiple speakers on one channel. Instead of finding an amp with multiple outlets per channel, maybe the search should/could be for a series of connectors or splitters so that you can branch out from a single cable i... 
are audiophiles different than non audiophiles ?
I think that the audiophile bug is just inbred. I recall many years ago fishing around in the back of a big ole console TV to find the source of the speakers and connecting them to external speakers for a superbowl or something. It was a feeling o... 
listening in the dark?
I enjoy listening in the dark or at least with my eyes closed - otherwise I start staring at the walls, then the mind wanders off in all sorts of directions. With the headset on it is a no-brainer because I am asleep before the third track. 
Does two center channels = one stereo system
Hypothetically speaking yes, you have stereo albeit not a very good one as Rar1 pointed out. 
Speaker buzz and speaker a/b question
Unless your manual indicates otherwise, there should be no problem with running your speakers off of "speaker B" inputs. That would eliminate one other source of trouble (the "speaker A" connection). 
Best computer program for Apple IMAC
Agree with Meiwan and Kennyt! Pure Music worked wonders for my system. 
amarra or pure music..?
Likewise, I have the PM 1.74 and find it easy to use - even for me. I have not experienced the glitches that some have mentioned above. Love the sound and the fact that it tied in seamlessly with the iTunes library, artwork, etc. no disruptions th...