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Sanders Sound Systems 10E - The Genius has done it.
I heard the 10e system at AXPONA this year and thought it sounded amazing.  I spent over an hour in the room and did not want to leave.  Shortly after that I was told about a possible sale of a pair of Innersound EROS MKIII speakers which Roger de... 
Top Ten Rock Vocalists
My brain hurts!!  I'll add:1. Frank Zappa (what a voice!)2. St. Vincent3. David Byrne4. Joni Mitchell (albums like "Wild Things Run Free")5. Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo 
Shopping for a preamp
I second the Ayre K1xe with built in phono.  Mmmmmmm gooooood!  Also consider a Sanders preamp (it has a built in phono stage).  I am using one right now as Joni Mitchell sings up close and personal.   
Firefox freezes when using Audiogon
Both Firefox and AOL freeze.  After four or five seconds I get kicked out and both want to reset tabs.  That takes minutes. 
Hi Nnyc,I play tuba and in most ensembles/bands/orchestras I am seated in the back. In some venues it's difficult if sometimes impossible to get the correct balance between instruments. Since I usually sit behind or near trumpets or next to bass d... 
Which Ahmad Jamal Recordings?
Get the live recording "Outer-time, Inner-space". Made in the early '70s. 
Difference from Ayre V5X and V5XE amps ?
For me it was worth it. There is more of everything. 
Are there table top mount for Plasma w/cc shelf?
Check with the manufacturer to see if there are table top feet or a table top stand for the plasma. If not go to www.chiefmfg.com or www.peerlessindustries.com. 
It's time for some new music
Thanks everyone. I knew about cdbaby.com and I heard samples of most of the artists. Your added comments helped me.Rayd 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
"I'm Not In Love" by 10CC is the song I would choose. You'd think by the title that this is not a love song but it is. Eric Stewart and the boys say they're not in love but they are! Denial is so hard to admit! The female whispered line "Be quiet,... 
stereo amps and preamps for rent,what do you think
As others have said, interesting idea, but......I work in the video field and I know a lot of companies which have rental departments. Here's a reference from the video world: a 2000 ANSI lumen LCD projector, sell price of about $2000.00, will ren... 
Tact Pre Amps
I've had a fully loaded RCS 2.0 for over six years. It really cleans up a lot of room problems. There are nine presets so I can create nine different corrections (though I really use only one). The difference between hearing your room with all the... 
Belden vs Canare
I had Rf in the signal path and Canare solved the problem. 
Ceiling treatment question
Thanks to everyone for the ideas. The ground cover idea is intriguing. The gears are turning. Keep the ideas flowing. Anyone else have some good ideas for materials to use as decorative ceiling treatments? I don't want to install drywall. Are ther... 
Tac T owner opinons
I've had my 2.0 with all a/d and d/a options since 2000. After reading the manual (printable off the software and not included in paper form with the unit) I found the unit easy to use for room EQ. Insert software, connect computer to RCS 2.0, con...