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Which pre-amp?
How about an Ayre K-5X? It has two sets of balanced inputs. I have one for sale on Audiogon.Rayd 
Canare 4S11 Star Quad cables for speaker
It works!! I live in a high RF area and using this cable eliminates the RF. I use Canare interconnects as well and I am very happy. 
RIP RL Burnside
Heard the CBS radio report of RL's death. He was referred to,three times, as RJ Burnside. I almost drove off the road. 
Which Solid State Amplifier is Making you Happy?
Ayre V5X on top, Levinson 332 on bottom of biamped system. Goosebumps and chills and sweet music.... 
Ayre V-3 vs V-5 or even V-1
For three years I had a V3 with upgrades (Ayre conditioning, etc.) and then heard the V5X. I bought one. It has more power and is smoother, cleaner and the bass moved me more. My speakers are Maggie 3.5. 
Radio interference on my phono stage
I've responded to interference questions before and this is no different. I think I have a solution for you: I live less than one mile from a strong AM tower. I could hear the station through my system. I replaced my interconnects and speaker cabl... 
Help me with a major amp upgrade...
I second the vote for the Ayre V5X. Music, music and more music. 
Hanging Speakers from the Ceiling... Macrame???
I did this once using thick rope. One of the speakers slipped out of the rope and crashed to the floor, missing my daughter's head by about a foot. My wife freaked. The other speaker was floor standing that night. Scary. Make sure you secure the s... 
What's the frequency Kenneth?
Dave, I had a problem with RF in my system. I live close to a few high powered AM stations. I replaced ALL my Cardas cables with Canare. Problem solved and the sound is great!Rayd 
Best Bike to ride before a good listening session
Titanium Schwinn Paramount road bike with full Dura Ace and Mavic Helium wheels. I ride, I listen, I smile. 
Rock Music: 1951-1976 vs. 1977-2003
Interesting post, onhwy61. Trying to decide which era produced the "best music" is tough. I can pick certain groups like Rare Earth, Yes, Little Feat and even the Monkeys and find gems of musicality from the 1951-1976 years. After 1977 I can again... 
Which Amp for Magnepan MG 3.6/R?
I recommend the Ayre V5X. It has great bass control with a deep, real bass presentation (not punchy or bloated). This amp makes me smile and gets my toes tapping. It seems to love the Magiies and the Magiies love it.Rayd 
Can the projector be 20 ft away from the screen?
Mitch, like any audio component you can audition at home, have you considered auditioning a projector in your room? You didn't mention if you were interested in LCD, DLP, CRT, ILA, etc., or if you were buying used from a dealer or from Audiogon, b... 
Can the projector be 20 ft away from the screen?
Attainable???...Yes. Practical???...Here are the issues.You didn't specify which projector you would use. Knowing the projector would indicate the lens ratio. A simple equation is to divide the throw distance by the lens ratio and you will get you... 
Any Thomas Dolby fans out there?
Thomas Dolby is great!! I have AAMB on vinyl and it kicks the CD (sorry guys).I love you goodbye.Rayd