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McIntosh MC2102 tube or MC402 solid state amp.
What's the rated efficiency of your speakers? 
BAT VK75 / VK75SE Question
Get the 75SE. Unless you really need the power now (bridged monoblock VK75 = 150w/channel), the 75SE will sound better. You can later get a second 75SE, along with the easy to install internal kit for monoblocking. 
The Best Audio Dealer
I nominate Joe Stromick of JS Audio in Bethesda, Maryland.A heck of a nice guy, very knowledgable, sells great products, and is always helpful. 
Tannoys DC3 plus McIntosh 2275
I am thinking of getting an MA2275. Have you done any tube rolling of the small signal tubes? What is the efficiency rating of the DC3? Does it ever drive the 2275 to run out of gas? Thanks. 
What are the best tubes to use with the BAT VK75SE
My original question, as it was clearly stated, was not where to buy the tubes but which specific tubes( i.e. brands) people prefer in that amp. Would anyone care to address that question and give their opinions. 
What are the best tubes to use with the BAT VK75SE
Specifically which 6SN7 tubes are you now using in your VK60?