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why expensive streamers
The only thing you're missing is not believing the marketing with no actual proof (someone's anecdotal experience does not constitute proof). Also, price does not equal sound quality.  
looking to replace Fyne speaker jumper cable
The only way to achieve the best sound possible is to use silver solder and weld the connections together. Otherwise you're wasting your time and audiophool money. Also, who in their right mind pays even $70 for a 4 inch piece of wire?   
Reel to Reel
If you're willing to pay silly prices (and I mean up to $600 or maybe more for tapes) for an inferior playback medium, go for it. Otherwise, don't succumb to the nostalgia and realize why they went away to begin with.    
New DAC issues
First of all, you can't compare the price of the Schiit to your newer DAC because the newer one has had to go through a distributor and retailer with each level marking up the price.  If you double the price of the Gugnir, that would be closer to ... 
Mad Scientist Audio Speaker Cable
There is no objective difference between speaker wires regardless of what the manufacturer's marketing department says.   
ABX testing with AQ Dragon power cords
First of all, congratulations for being smarter (or at least less gullible) than the average audiophile, no matter how experienced they are. Second of all, thanks for including others and for the testing method which is the only valid way to test... 
This sound-suppressing silk can create quiet spaces
It will probably be a little expensive for what it is (sound deadening) but once some audio company gets hold of it and starts selling it, the price will go up astronomically. I'm sure they'll claim it's cryo treated and woven on titanium or rhodi... 
Coda #8, Pass XA25, or Schiit Tyr to replace PS Audio M700
The Tyr will give you the best deal for your dollar since they sell direct to the consumer without the huge markup.  
New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?
You're one of the few who are not dealing with expectation bias and realize there is no objective difference between power cables and I applaud you.  
Decware Sarah 300B Amp?
According to the people who say more watts sound better, you'd do well to avoid that amp. Then again, they probably think that a fuse can alter the sound so I say, go for it. Personally I don't want to wait that long and wouldn't support him for o... 
Suggestions for power amps
Ideally it would be best for recommendations to know if your power is supplied by coal, hydro, wind, or solar. The "greener" the better. Also, do you have any isolation devices under your equipment? Some amps respond differently to granite than th... 
Should we care if a piece of equipment comes from a pet-free, kid-free, smoke-free home?
@secretguy  get's it.   The only thing that might matter is if a speaker cone was damaged by little fingers. If that was the case, the parent was paying enough attention.   
Some thoughts on ASR and the reviews
@coralkong  Verses here people are encouraged to listen with their heart (subjective) instead of their brain and emotional decisions often turn out to not be the best.  I like to see measurements before listening to get an idea what the manufact... 
300B SET Amp driving Wilson Sabrinas
It's baffling that in this hobby so few people understand what speaker sensitivity actually means. They just take what's fed to them by reviewers or other opinions and regurgitate it when talking about speakers and how sensitive they are or are no... 
I see the issue with ABX blind testing
If cables do change the sound (they don't) it would be audible by changing any one of them. Swap out the amp power cable with a different one would make a difference were it true.