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Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
The dCS Lina & Bartok can be one box units if you use Mosaic as your controlling App.   
Considering A New Streaming DAC (Pick 1 of 4)
I hope you haven’t eliminated the Tambaqui and A20 because of my comments.  The adjectives used were only for the specific comparison between the two, not the whole of DACs in existence. They are both fantastic components. I’ve had a bunch of DACs... 
Considering A New Streaming DAC (Pick 1 of 4)
Regarding “ergonomics and ease of interfacing with the units”, they are both equally great. Settings like filters, volume offset, source selection, etc can all be changed with their respective Apps on a phone or tablet. All from your listening pos... 
Considering A New Streaming DAC (Pick 1 of 4)
@scottya118  It will take me some time to look through all my notes, but don’t worry I’m not ignoring your question!  
Considering A New Streaming DAC (Pick 1 of 4)
If you are not considering Roon, then the internal streaming capability of the Tambaqui is not available. The Tambaqui needs either an external streamer, or at least an external Roon core. Either way it is not really a one box solution for streami... 
Aurender vs CD
Try different filter settings.  I have an A20 and prefer the “Super Slow Roll-off 1” digital filter. Also prefer “Critical listening mode”.   
How much should I spend on a new DAC
Try Hans Beekhuyzen on YouTube. He just dropped another relevant one today about switches.   
USB Device For My McIntosh MX123 Processor
I recommend a Samsung portable SSD like the newest T7 models. I’ve used T3, T5, snd T7 and like them all. They come with an 18” USB-A to USB-C cable. If you get a spare A to C cable you can leave the cable plugged into your MX123 while you add mor... 
New streamer? N150 vs U2
Aurender Conductor does the custom URL streaming. See this link (about 2/3’s of the way down):    
Another cable question
@bikeboy52  If you’d like to try some pure silver RCA analog interconnects, here is what I have gone to without breaking the bank. The wire is 18 ga single conductor solid silver, and in my experience is not bright, but has excellent transparency... 
Could the new Audender A30 be "the one" for a simple system?
@wjt3 said:   “any idea what the High Sound and Heavy Load are used for?” Sorry, no clue what those descriptions mean.  
Could the new Audender A30 be "the one" for a simple system?
@wjt3  Glad you are loving your A30! All the filter and phase settings can be changed from the Conductor App, so it is very easy to do A-B comparisons from your listening position. They are in the Settings>Advanced2 menu.  I have settled on ... 
Luxman 590AX II Break-In
When I was choosing a new integrated, I finally resolved my choice down to the L-590AXII or L-509X. I chose to go with the L-509X, but am sure I would have been happy with the 590A.  Anyhow, I noted the speakers reviewed with the amps, and the Wh... 
Power cable dilemma
@jrimer  The only thing that makes sense to me is a bad connection within the “bad” cable. Loose connections can still pass some voltage but can act like a resistor in the circuit. The bad connection might be at a wire connection in one of the plu... 
Pontus ii and Hi Res
Glad you figured it out @chocaholic! Enjoy, and happy holidays from Arizona!