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Which DACs are known to be sweet/rich/relaxed?
@robert1976  I have a Tambaqui and in my system I would describe it as “sweet, rich, and relaxed”. Although sometimes “sweet” is not so “relaxed” when it comes to musical enjoyment! ... 
Attractive Bookshelf - Under $3k
MDF is typically preferred over solid wood or plywood because MDF is less prone to vibration/resonance. Inert cabinets are typically desirable. It appears that Sonus Faber uses laminated wood for their curved sides - not sure why, but the curvatur... 
Streaming HD radio on Aurender
Just tried the Jazz stream and it works!  Here are the URLs from the WRTI website: The two WRTI stream URLs that are recommended for Internet Radio Streaming are: Classical:" 
Streaming HD radio on Aurender
Check out this link. Apparently you can add custom favorite stations.  
Streamer vs renderer vs music
I recommend perusing The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel. Hans has many very informative episodes.    
Accuphase DP570 vs. Luxman D10X
Thanks @tank_pd.  Sounds like a good addition to your system!  
Aurender A-10
@bernardwilliams  Another Aurender fan here.  I have (or had) the N100H, N200, N10, N20, and A10. I am listening to the A10 right now.    To answer your questions, I’ve had no negative issues with the A10. I am a huge fan of the Conductor softwa... 
Accuphase DP570 vs. Luxman D10X
@tank_pd Which Aurender did you choose, and could you provide some of your thoughts on how you chose? I’m considering the A20. Thanks! 
HiFi Rose RS250
@raysmtb1  Do you have the RS150 (with ES9038PRO DAC chip) or the RS150B (with AK4499EQ DAC chip)? Thanks!  
What are you using as a streamer? Constructive feedback please.
@jerryg123   Great! Thank you, and Happy New Year!  
What are you using as a streamer? Constructive feedback please.
@jerryg123 My new Bel Canto E.One Stream came in while I was traveling this week will set it up tomorrow and see how it works with all my other BC gear. Wondering how things are going with your new Streamer? Also what digital cable you are us... 
New Mojo Mystique X
Folks, I’ve been enjoying this thread and everyone’s descriptions of what they hope for from a DAC. Unfortunately this statement below from Benjamin is not really correct: Harmonic coherency is the mathematical alignment of all frequencies. Whe... 
Which Analog to Digital converter
Curious - what do you mean by “streaming mode”? The DA-3000 can be used as a D to A converter to play back your digital files (or from digital inputs)  But it is not as convenient as a streamer which is intended to play files and streaming service... 
Luxman 507/509
@erikt Very interesting lower than expected class A bias. Thanks for sharing!  I wonder what all that idle power is doing if not class A bias....@martinol Looking at the pics with lids off, the L-509X has twice as many power supply caps as the 507... 
Which Analog to Digital converter
I have the Tascam DA-3000 and really like it. Works pretty much like an old school tape deck. Still need to use a computer to add cover art to the files, if you wish. My 24/192 files from vinyl are fantastic. I enjoy them much more than the files ...