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A blood oath among Audiogonistas
Sfar,I appreciate your response, and your sense of humor. My response was poking fun at your post. That's why I typed it, and chose the words the way I did. Part of my old New York City sarcasm.On the other hand, I have become sensitive to the ero... 
A blood oath among Audiogonistas
TELL us HOW to THINK, tell US how TO write, TELL us HOW to SPEAK, tell US what WE should SAY and NOT say, TELL us HOW to DEFECATE, tell US, tell US, tell US.Another control freak posting! 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
Rest in peace! 
What other hobby or hobbies do you have?
Photography (nature, wildlife, undersea, travel, etc), scuba diving, white water canoeing, hiking, world travel, and Bush bashing. 
Best SS Amp with tight clean bass
Pass Labs!Great detail and excellent bass. 
Audiophiles... Why Men? Any woman here?
Just think of the diamond rings, diamond earrings, and diamond necklaces all that money spent on audio gear could buy. 
NPR, Wine Tasteing, & Audiophiles
As a cabernet and zinfandel enthusiast, I can say that for a wine to be excellent, is usally needs to be "put down" in a celler for a few years to really smooth out. That's when you can separate the good from the blah. It's like letting your equip... 
Which musician retired too soon?
Grace Slick comes to my mind. Her voice, lyrics and capacity to rock, or sing a ballad made her one of the few greats of the 60's-70's. Of course Cat Stevens, but he has released new music. It's just not the same genre of his famous past.By the wa... 
popping from speakers?
Switch your speaker cables and see if the popping changed to the other speaker. Do the same with your interconnects, one set at a time. You may have a bad termination on one end of your cables. 
A Sad Day...
The past year and a half I 've been attending Brooks Institute of Photography for my MS in Photography. No time for work, so finances are tight and I needed to make a few sacrifices. But I'll never get rid of my lp's. So eventually, I get another ... 
Top Ten Interconnects of all time...
My CRL/FIM Gold IC's are a pain in the butt to position and install, BUT they are music to my ears. Amazing tight deep bass, crystal clear highs, and midtone magic. I now have them as my speaker cable, IC's and power cords. I haven't heard every I... 
The Chieftains - which CDs have the best sound?
The Long Black Veil. I have this on the standard redbook cd and it sounds great, but will now try to find it on MoFi Gold. Thanks Fatparrot! 
Sweet Neo-Con
Patrick, all teasing aside. At least we both enjoy Leon Russell and Neil Young. Regardless of how old they are.Peace,Ross 
Sweet Neo-Con
Lugnut- I'm curious. Who is your favorite: Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly or Dr. Laura Schlessinger? And do you listen to them using a tube, or solid state tuner? 
Sweet Neo-Con
Speaking as an artist, and knowing many aritists in the music industry, the art community, the photography community, the poetry community, the ceramic community, and the sculpture community, etc... I hope nobody ever tells me to stop doing what I...