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Speaker Stands Filled With Kitty Litter? TRUE???
Granola would absorb vibrations better than cheerios. As far as the kiity litter goes, which would be better, clumping or non clumping? 
What's the funniest song you ever heard?
Monster Hash - The ToysI was working in the lab late one nightWhen I heard the gurgle of a waterpipeSo I turned to see my monster in a cloud of smokeWho said "This shit ain't bad, here, have a toke"(We smoked some hash) - We smoked some monster ha... 
Does anyone do good protest music anymore?
Sweet Honey and the Rock. a female a cappella group. They're not afraid to sing about the social and political injustices that exist in today's society. And for us audiophiles, the recording quality is excellent. 
Visit the Wonderful World of Analog Raul Style
WOW!!! Analogs' Anonymous began right here on A'Gon 
Best Used Bang for Buck if I Finally SWITCH ?
In my former life, I used to direct statewide projects in the public health arena. We had 4 Macs and three PC's in the office. Everyone I hired was predominantly a PC user, and every single one of them eventually preferred the Mac. Yes, for those ... 
Subtlety ? do any American amps do it?
What I want you to know is the way audiophile equipment works around here. Either buy and like what I buy and like, or throw all your equipment in the trash. And "they" say we Americans are arrogant!I'll keep my Pass X600's and Audio Research Ref ... 
How Big is Your Music Collection
Wow! Suddenly I feel so inadequate. 
How Big is Your Music Collection
1200+ CD's1000+ LP'sIn the mix of CD's there are no SACD or DVD, but I do have a decent number of XRCD's, Gold CD's, and other audiophile quality CD's. It's too early in the morning to go and count them. I think the XRCD's are the best I've heard ... 
What haven't you listened to in a long time, but..
Coincidence happens! I pulled out my Electric Flag album after I listened to East West. Haven't played it yet, but it's by the turntable. When I first moved to San Francisco (1973), Bloomfield would occasionally show up at a couple of the blues cl... 
Other Hobbies?
Photography, especially undersea photography. My images are located at: hobbies include: whitewater canoeing and telemark skiing.Marco you crack me up! 
Do you remember your first cd?
Glenn Miller Orchestra - In the Digital Mood Don Henley - Building The Perfect BeastStill have both of them. The Glenn Miller was used to demo the speakers I purchased in 1984 which were Polk Audio SDA-1. 
Who needs spellcheck?
Spellers of the world, untie! 
A/V Receiver Recommendations Under 800.00
I used to own the Nakamichi AV10. Prior to purchasing it, I compared it with the comparitively priced Denon and Onkyo models. Hands down the Nakamichi sounded better. I have never heard the Outlaw AV amps, but others have said it's a very good sou... 
Best Line conditioner under $1000 used
For a thousand bucks, you should be able to have an electrician install a few dedicated lines. It might be worth looking into as a better alternative than a line regulator or power conditioner; and it will last much longer. 
What Happens When You Die?
For all of you who want to be buried. Make sure your loved ones know to put sand in the sides of the coffin to reduce vibration under ground. For those of you who want to be cremated. Make sure your loved ones play "Fire" by The Crazy World of Art...