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What do you have on order RIGHT NOW.
A field coil power supply from Mick... somewhere over the ocean now, on its fifth day of shipping.Just received today Claudia Bettinaglio "Saving All My Love" from Switzerland, took two weeks. 
Supratek Owners Thread
Congrads on your new Cabernet! Is it both woofers? if one, swap amp cables, does it follow or stay?Try removing the tubes and cables and reinserting them... try different cables and wall outlet 
SOtM player?
No wires for me... ;-)Whats the remote, just out of curiosity. Never tried it with my phone...I use foobar from my windows laptop wireless to any airplay device in my house. Never really have any problems...I sent Qobuz an email encouraging them t... 
Classe CA-M400 vs EC NEMO vs Parasound Halo JC-1
I have not listened to the above in A/B, but have done a bit of research on them, I will throw a couple more at you to consider. These have very strong reviews,pass labs 600.5 & spectron musician III, with the enhancements. If I were to buy a ... 
Help Me Choose Better 5-Channel Amp
Classe CA-5200 might be an option. 
Best driving music.
For hi speedScorpions - Deadly Sting 2-disk setDef Leapord - HI & DryFor CasualQuicksilver Messanger ServiceLuther AndersonPaul ButterfieldBeth Hart 
Best 'cue to eat while listening to the Blues
Jackstack is in Martin City, to me its not all that good, the sister store on wornell, north of 435 http://www.kcsmokestackbbq.comis way better, this place has the best beans in the country... and the there is Odens in belton,mo just dang good. Do... 
Whats the most you paid?
TWF= The Wife Factor 
DAC for Music Vault Diamond Server?
Check these out... 
Converting LP's to digital files
Its my understanding, that recording to a digital format is easy, however recording to a hi-rez format is a bit difficult which would be my goal if was to embark on this journey.I found this site , but haven't... 
Classe P-700 & CAM-400 noise problem
it sounds like a broken /loose wire... I think I would trade out different cables, next I would remove the covers and look for any broken/loose wires, if none then I would take a multi tester lead prong and check the transistors to see if any caus... 
Need opinion on HT purschase
Option 2, except 2 5200's, bridge the LCR, Sound will be more even accross the front and the 802D will be much more alive!! 200 watts for the 802D's are to ineffcient for that speaker. Bridging will give you almost 400 watts. 
Adding a 2 ch Classe 2200 to Classe 5200 HT amp
What do you expect to gain with the 2200?Do you plan to to run 1 side of 200 watts to each speaker?Isn't that what you are doing now?If this is true, the only benfit is energy not used by the the other 3 channels, however, if you were to bridge th... 
Need some guidance
I appreciate the responses, these Technics look like a good starter table, with alot of flexibilty. I do wish to grow into better stuff I think.As far as if I'm sure I want to get into this format, the answer is yes, I am lookin to broaden my expo... 
AC Power Suggestions
I will tell you upfront, I am not a expert in this audiophile stuff. When I started trying to setup an area I had to run my own power. I would recommend you running the lines from the electrical box to your location yourself, save some money, ( le...