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Why high-end cable manufacturers don't post measurements?
@lalitk I like your response, it makes sense to me. Audio is subjective, if we can accept differing opinions, the ride will be less rough. 
Does anyone have experience with seller Kron on cartridges?
I had my first purchase through Kron a few weeks ago and have nothing but positive things to say about him. The cartridge was as advertised and it arrived really fast, faster than buying from some domestic sellers here in the US. 
Cartridge Opinions - Sorry
Most of us can agree with @clearthinker on this, exchanging ideas without attacking other people we've never met.Not too long ago I posted on the forum to bring some attention to the reel to reel format and was told by one of our forum regular pos... 
@lostinseattle brings up a valid point, if one can hear a difference, then "what is being changed"?Different cable type....poses different resistance to the signal.The thousands of feet electricity goes through outside the home do so through certa... 
Remember the Ringmat? You should!
I just replaced a copper mat for a cork/rubber mat on my Garrard 301, this was done because of a newly mounted cartridge.Metal mat tends to accentuate certain frequencies, in some setup, the copper will sound better. It all depends on the turntabl... 
Many of my cable experiments were done a little over tens years ago. I was most surprised to hear how power cords made the most difference on my CD player, followed by preamp, then amp (tube and SS). At the time, I had access to cables of many dif... 
What type of cord is this and where can I buy it?
Your best bet is ebay, or a camera specific store 
Cartridge Opinions - Sorry
@atmasphere What tonearm adjustments do you view as necessary to be considered a good tonearm for yourself? 
Cartridge Opinions - Sorry
OPFor everyday use, I prefer a more laid back sound and not too in your face. The Benz Micro Wood is an excellent choice giving me plenty of detail and air, it's well balanced, and doesn't draw too much attention to itself. You can get a bargain o... 
Are cables really worth their high price because of their geometry?
@hiendmmoe I’ve always wondered why geometry in speaker cables is so important if they sound better un-shielded. Isn’t the geometry suppose to suppress interference from RFI? Wouldn’t shielding do the same thing? The basic geometry in cables and ... 
Audio Technica AT33PTG/II MC Cartridge, anyone have it or heard it?
Sounds like you're really liking it! the AT33PTG/2 is a winner and can easily compete with carts up to 2K from smaller boutique manufacturers. 
Are cables really worth their high price because of their geometry?
The geometry of a cable is a big determining factor in how a cable will sound, but a complex geometry doesn't mean it's better sounding than a simple geometry. Oftentimes, these complex geometries measure worse than the simple ones.Like most thing... 
What tonearm is recommended for the denon 103r
I usually see the DL103R matched with a high mass tonearm due to it being a low compliance cartridge, the SME V seems to be on the lighter side. I'm glad it's working out for you though. 
Audio Technica AT33PTG/II MC Cartridge, anyone have it or heard it?
@elliottbnewcombjr I do have an AT33PTG/II in my line up and think it’s a terrific cartridge, Audio Technica gives you a lot for the money especially looking at the specs! This model was only available in Japan and Europe, but it sold so well that... 
Owners of Jelco arms?
I'm using the Jelco JAC 501 cable with my TK-850L MKII tonearm. These cables are sturdy and well made, uses high quality parts, and very neutral sounding in the few months I've had them. Unless you're wanting more highs or lacking something in you...