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Suggestions for arm to replace VPI 12.7
Guys, FWIW, I'd recommend getting the 3D-printed arm before buying a new (upgraded) cartridge. The printed arm is such a significant improvement over the metal arm that it will do a much better job of showing your new cart at its best. In my syste... 
Muffled voice in the back of stage?
I'll take a wild stab at this. Some 20+ years ago when I attended meetings of the local audio club, our club system used a pair of Acoustat 8 electrostatic speakers. The room where we met had an angled ceiling (like the front-to-back half of a roo... 
Suggestions for arm to replace VPI 12.7
Follow-up post: in a few words, the 3D printed arm is SUPERB! I can hardly believe how much the 3D arm improved the sound of my system. 
favorite phono cartridge
I'd probably stick with my current Grado Statement 1. I've owned a number of cartridges over the past 45 years, and the Statement 1 is, by a wide margin, the best I've ever heard. 
Higher resolution Jazz
10-12 years ago, I posted several lengthy articles about jazz which were pretty well received by the A-gon membership. You can probably find them listed under my "Sdcampbell" name. That said, I'll try to add a few ideas to those above. I have a la... 
Suggestions for arm to replace VPI 12.7
Following some further research, I decided that there aren't any good choices to replace the 12.7 arm unless I also make some modifications to the plinth. In short, too much work and expense. So, I decided to stay with VPI, and have purchased the ... 
Seattle, WA
Greg:Although it's been a long time since I attended a meeting, I believe the club is still active. Check their website for current info: www.audiosociety.orgRegards,Scott C- 
VPI JMW 12.7 Spindle/pivot distance
Wlutke:Thanks very much for your helpful post. I was not aware of the set screw, so I'll try adjusting the spindle to pivot distance. I'll make a follow-up post later this week.Best regards,Scott C- 
Stand out phono stages
I recently upgraded to a Parasound JC3+, and I can report that it's an improvement over the JC3, and that it's a damned fine phono stage. I bought the JC3+ new from a dealer here on A-gon for almost 1/3 below the MSRP. If you are interested in thi... 
VPI JMW 12.7 Spindle/pivot distance
This is an old thread, but it caught my attention because I have been trying to refine the alignment geometry on my VPI 12.7 tonearm (mounted on a VPI Classic 3 TT). I recently overcame my reluctance to buy a Feickert protractor, and since I alrea... 
Stand out phono stages
Two words: Parasound JC3+. 
VPI classic 3 or Prime ?
If the difference in cost is not an issue for you, then get the Classic 3. It's a GREAT TT and very competitive with TT's at twice the price. 
Amp for Vandersteens 2ce sig 2's
I'm a long-time Vandy owner, progressing from the 2C to the 2Ci and 2Ce, then to the 3A, followed by the 3A Sig's (a great speaker, AND a great value). Today I have the 5A's and love them. Throughout my journey up the Vandy model line, I have used... 
Preamps better than Parasound JC-2 ?
I have owned both Parasound and Bryston gear over the past 20 years, and both provide excellent sound quality and value. At present, I am using a Parasound JC3 phono stage with a Bryston BP17 preamp. The BP17 has not gotten much publicity in the a... 
Most compatible phono pre for Lyra Delos
Over the past several years, I've either owned or done home auditions on 6 or 7 phono preamps (paired with a Lyra Skala). In my system, the two I have liked best are the Graham Slee Reflex C, and the Parasound JC3 (which is above your budget if bo...