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What other surround speakers can I use?
M&K makes a good line of tripole surround speakers that are relatively small. I have been pleased with the M&K SS-150's that I am currently using. 
Subwoofer meshes well with 2-channel?
Many current subwoofers work VERY well with a 2-channel system. One of the advantages to using subs is that they relieve the drivers in the main speakers from having to reproduce the very low frequencies. Many listeners find that their systems not... 
Bryston SP2
I sent an E-mail to James Tanner two days ago regarding the release of the SP3, and he said that Bryston would be showing the SP3 at the next Consumer Electronics show. The SP3 should be released to dealers in late spring. 
How to economically clean old records
The steam cleaner and the microfiber cloths are both helpful, inexpensive cleaning aids. If you have the budget, a cleaning machine such as the Disc Doctor or the entry-level Nitty Gritty machines are well worth the money, particularly when it com... 
Power Conditioners Suited to Digital Front End
First, a question for you: what's your budget? Prices for power conditioners vary widely, so first you need to decide how much you can spend. Let the readers know, and it will help them to formulate helpful advice. 
Bryston: THX for 2 ch - a good thing or not?
THX is simply a licensing certification that an amp meets certain operating conditions, and has nothing to do with the design of the amp. As the previous two posts indicate, the "ST" and "SST" amps comply with the THX certification requirements, a... 
Speaker Tilt Back benefits?
The idea is that tilting the speaker to the rear moves the tweeter a bit further from your ears, so their output (in theory) arrives at your ears at the same time as the output from the other drivers in the speaker. The tweeter cone has much less ... 
Anyone know of a reasonable Tonearm Cable??
I recently had the Klotz tonearm cable in my Rega RB900 replaced with the Incognito wiring harness, and I've been very pleased with the improvement. I'm not sure if this cable will work in your Sumiko arm, but you could contact Brit Audio to find ... 
Tube or not to tube?
If possible, try to audition one or two tubed units versus a couple of solid state units before you make a final decision. The "tube heads" usually respond strongly to posts like yours, and I have no particular quarrel with them -- our hobby IS ab... 
Ayre Monoblocks vs. Linn Klimax Solo 500s
Ayre -- no debate as far as I'm concerned. 
Headphone Recommendations
Look for a used pair of Sennheiser 600 headphones. They are listed sometimes here on Audiogon for around $200, and they are a great pair of headphones at that price. 
best all-round,full range at $2000
At the $2000 price point, you may also be able to find a pair of Vandersteen 3A Signatures, which is one of the best all-around speakers available (except, perhaps, for heavy metal / hard rock at high SPL's). 
Need help with sub selection
Given your budget, you may want to consider the Outlaw Audio subwoofers, which were designed for them by Hsu. They have gotten good reviews, and offer a lot of performance for the money. Click on the following link to Outlaw to learn more:http://w... 
The BEST Listening Chair u’ve ever had or saw??
Amen for the Ekornes! I bought a "Stressless Prince" model about 15 years ago, and I still love it. The only "problem" is that it is so comfortable that I often fall asleep while listening to music! 
MMF-5 vs. VPI HW-19 Jr - old school or new age?
PTMconsulting's point about upgrading the "Jr." model may prove more difficult that previously, because VPI no longer manufactures the HW-19 turntable. Thus, you'll have to rely on buying the upgrades (or a complete Mark 3 or Mark 4 version) in "u...