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Best $200 speaker cables for overall performance?
My "stock" recommendation for speaker cable in your price bracket is Kimber Kable 4TC or 8TC. They have both been positively reviewed in many audio mags, and have proven compatible with a very wide range of systems. I can attest to their good perf... 
Why doesn't Musical Fidelity offer balanced output
Out of curiosity, why are balanced outputs "an absolute requirement" for you? 
Looking for a non-powered sub
Out of curiosity, SCM, is there a reason that you specifically want a non-powered sub? Unless you have a spare power amp that you want to use, there are a number of advantages to having a powered sub: the internal amp is optimized for that particu... 
Looking for a non-powered sub
Hsu makes a good non-powered sub that might fill the bill for you. 
Stylus Force Guages - why extreme accuracy?
Most cartridge manufacturers have a recommended tracking force range, which allows for a bit of leeway plus/minus. I have used a Shure SFG-2 gauge for more than three decades, and have found it to be very accurate when checked against much more ex... 
Starting a high-end audio shop... Am I crazy?
I think your best bet would be to contact the owners of small high-end stores / businesses in your general part of the country. They'd have the best handle on the current high-end market. Many have had to shift a lot of their business into home th... 
Best sounding Saint-Saens Sym No. 3?
Mercury has also re-issued their 1957 "Living Presence" recording with Marcel Dupre on the organ and Paul Paray conducting the Detroit Symphony. The recording has very clean sound, and Dupre is one of the masters of the French organ literature. Th... 
Interconect cables?
What is your budget? 
any REALLY good music video suggestions?
This past weekend, I heard a music DVD that I really liked, so I thought I'd add another post. The DVD is titled "Roger Waters In The Flesh -- Live", and it features Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd fame) and his nine band members in a live concert at ... 
any REALLY good music video suggestions?
I don't know if you enjoy Afro-Cuban jazz, but my "gold standard" among music DVD's is "Calle 57". It features some of the finest musicians in Afro-Cuban jazz, has great production values, and excellent audio. If you are not sure if you'll like, t... 
I've all the gears. Whatelse do I need?
Kublakhan is right! I've been using my patent-pending "Air Cables" for years to listen to my air guitar, and the combo sounds awesome to me. 
What is the best redbook CD player for 6K to 8K?
The only CD player that I've heard in this price range is the Esoteric DV-50, and it sounded mighty damn good. If I were looking for a unit in the $5-8k range, the Esoteric would be on my short list. 
Shelter 501 Mk II vs. Grado Statement Reference
I'm inclined to agree with Stevecham's comment that you won't go wrong with the Shelter 501 Mk2. It's a fine cartridge, particularly for the money, and I strongly suggest you audition it before you make a decision.That said, I own a Grado Referenc... 
VPI Aries 300 RPM motor - Humming
Dleong and Slowhand:VPI is "on vacation" right now, and if you call them right now, you will get a recording saying they will return June 20th or so. Someone there is, however, answering E-mails, as I just went through the process of contacting VPI. 
Cartridge Under $2K for Interspace Arm/Deck
The Grado Reference ($1200) is a wonderfully musical cartridge, although I can't attest to its compliance compatibility with your Spacearm. I've also heard the Shelter 901 which sounded very good (although, in my system, I prefer my Grado). Absolu...