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Inexpensive streaming amplifier
Why not go with a modern day receiver from Sony, Marantz, Yamaha. They all have built in streaming capability. They will all work for the tv you mentioned, and they would allow for her to expand if she wants. Add a turn table, Apple TV. Pick up a ... 
So you just took a gummie...What song is on the menu?
Mine would be any lullaby as I will be asleep very soon after!  
Ethernet Switch- what's the point?
@erik_squires If a surge is of concern to you adding a fmc ( fiber media converted) will eliminate and surge that could damage your equipment. It will also improve the sound by eliminating the electrical noise inherent to cate cable.  
G Rated Comments About the Relevance of Pink Floyd’s Animals Album:
I can still conjure up my days of youth when I listened to the music for the music and not the message. The tipping point for me when I started listening to the message in a song happened the day I was educated on ZZ Top’s pearl neckless.  
@markprice  glad to hear you mention how adding subs has not only added bottom end but has enhanced all the sound. This has been my results as well. I listen to any music eith guitars and find a well integrated sub bring weight to the guitars and... 
Made the Move and Not looking back!
I am on another thread focused on the Gustard R26. Many over there are using with great results HQ player. I have not looked into it yet, but many over there have nothing good to say on roon.  
Has Your Hobby Changed?
I must say I too have been on your same journey with the only difference being I have enjoyed the music during to whole journey. For me it has never been about the system first. Music has always been first. Have I found more enjoyment as the syste... 
All depends on the company and how they treat their reputation. A quality company will always list as open box and list the condition. My worst case was an online buy from Best Buy. I paid for new went and picked up from store. When I opened the b... 
Level adjusting speaker drivers
@mlsstk in your re@russ69 making a comparison between the engineering production of a song or album is nowhere near the same as adding an inline eq to change the out out. The eq will not change the levels of frequency the engineer used. It will on... 
Streamer/dac …. Organic/euphonic sound signature
Gustard R26 and use the left over money to add fmc, external clock, upgrade power cord and a nice dinner to celebrate.   
Taylor Swift Concert Prices
I would not watch Taylor if she was playing in my back yard. But I would pay $5000 to go watch Rory if he were still alive! The price is what ever someone is willing to pay. No one is being forced to go so who cares. A fool and their money!  
How rare is an audiophile
For me it’s very hard to tell. I talk to people about music but rarely does the conversation shift over to systems and sources. I like you will listen to music any time and way I can. I am picky and do demand the best quality I can get given the s... 
Is it still worth buying a Lumin x1 in 2023?
In trouble shooting a problem one needs to start from the very first link in the chain. For streaming it is the digital signal that eventually is the output of your streamer. Digital streaming is full of noise that is getting pulled into the path ... 
Poll: Most impactful component
For me the most critical component is myself. Sitting back and just enjoying the music is all that is needed. Second would be the source. Even my old garage system sounds good streaming through my ifi zen blue. Can’t tell if it’s the dac, the impl... 
What sonic qualities connects to you deeply and emotionally?
Distortion from a guitar. Or anything Rory plays. When you listen to him play he is literally releasing his soul from every string fret and amp. It’s magic when you reach zen listening to him.